Big Whopping Blue or a Good Red Wave…?

Big Whopping Blue or a Good Red Wave...?

formal attire wearing the medalIf there is anyone out there that is anticipating whether the “Big Blue” or “Whopping Red” waves out there to record how Democrat (Blue) or Republican (Red) elections happen to go at the mid-term, please with honor and civility take a moment and think about the candidates who are running.

In all actual schemes, it will probably be the exact way that we don’t want it to be. I realize that I had mentioned my eternal student dogmatic name and please be assured that there are some – in fact, a lot more than others should be talking about and endorsing Socialism platforms. Understandably, this is not something that is “new” or “Do We Cheat Em’ and How.” Anyone with the remotest sense or propensity to read this is not something that is new to you, inasmuch as the Dems have been doing it for years now.

Oh yes, I see Cynthia Nixon (D-CA) up there with there mindful and verbally strained “Democratic Socialism” surely not to make it as bad as it is. And someone please tell Mr. Sanders for me that healthcare is not a human right!

He is a typical Democrat who has been in his political seat for far too long. Someone, anyone, please tell me that there are two cavemen that get hurt over something, and the nearest bone-fixer mumbling a human right!

And just allow me to say that, if you haven’t earned something, it certainly doesn’t go in the column of good deeds; furthermore, the cost of education is still growing higher; yet, there was a UCLA student on the national news today that gave me some hope. He was griping about an additional $1,100 being added on to every student’s tuition. He very assertively made his necessary appointments then thanked the UCLA administration for being so open about the issue. Here it is: The UCLA administration wants to put in a “social justice” soothsayer when in fact the campus already is supporting them at three distinct levels. The student could not justify the money and I think he got enough people to look at the tuition rates and this one’s going down.                                                     Christ overlooking Rio

But now there is always Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with here free education and again, education is a human right. Goodness gracious already! These Democrats are willing to give it all away. Here is the lowdown: It is not theirs nor has it ever been theirs to give away.

Now here goes… Did you hear Ray Lewis give his Hall of Fame speech? I wasn’t aware but all of this solar-powered equipment in and around Baltimore, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, etc., is his and the many members of his community who’ve been making investments. That is what this country was made from – not getting anything or everything for FREE, but philanthropically gaining the machines and manpower to make it work. Yes Sir, Mr. Lewis, that is love and we need to be surrounded by it.

We’ll come to an answer shortly. First, let’s set the bar. What does it mean for a nation to collapse? A cursory glance at history reveals three truths. First, societies collapse “from” something “to” something. Collapse doesn’t just mean “anarchy”. It means, for example, that societies collapse from democracies to tyrannies. From prosperous economies to stagnant ones. From vibrant public spheres rich with art and science to closed and dull and dead ones, rigid with ideology and unreality. Collapse is a process of going from function through dysfunction to malfunction.

storySecond, collapse doesn’t mean that a society falls overnight, goes from a shining city on a hill today to Mad Max tomorrow. Rather, it means that a society degenerates slowly, as vicious feedback cycles begin to bite.

Social collapse. What does it mean for a nation to collapse socially? The most basic element of a society is trust. Social cohesion if you like. The point isn’t that trust “makes” a society…anything. Productive, efficient, and so on. Simply that to be a society, there must be the bonds of trust.

Just one more issue, nations do collapse when everything is given away. When there is no sense of contribution or well-being. When a person’s ideology gets so rived-up that the instruments that in fact had made them are removed from that society. Love is a great example.


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