Let’s look at Congress and ask: What have you done today?

Let’s look at Congress and ask: What have you done today?

300px-capitol_building_full_view(1)I certainly do not wish to put anyone out or read anything that might have that quality of ruffling some of our feathers. However, I realize that if all I did was to sit reading, writing, and tutoring younger individuals without bringing some of this rubbish to your attention I would basically be leaving the trust and welfare of our nation to those who simply do not care.

During my normal days of visiting friends and family, the more than occasional golf match, taking in a local soccer game and heck yeah, the football season is starting. I really must say that I am wrought with, “it’s going to be a challenging year…”

However, where I was at with the normal days of friends and family – not a day goes by when someone either reads my Facebook page, Linked-In or Twitter pages that somehow, I receive this kind of comment: “Good God, man, what the heck is up with you these days.” First, it is about my education – most of my friends who I see now I’ve known for my entire life, and it’s not like I was a go along and get along student. But then again, I wasn’t an academic worry wart either. I mean very humbly, that I knew what it took to pass and make the occasional Dean’s List.

The notion did exist that there were assorted sizes, some athletic, others right at the point of perfection, some were tanner than others, while some had bottom-length blond hair and others had browner hair and more ideal skin. Yup, different matters for different people and for my world something had to be done.

Yet, even now – “Hey! What’s up with the thirteen years of college?” Well, as humbly as I can put it, “I always respond with a ‘Thank-you’ and then some kind of small talk.” And hey you! “It’s our distinguished author in the flesh!”

type on fire1But just as soon as I say anything about Washington D.C., our Congressional people or an administration – now for the down and dirty – President Clinton allowing Top-Secret missile launches being done from mainland China with, of course, Chinese assistance. People, like my close friends, start comingling. So just think of bringing up immigration reform, anything that will hinder or slow down welfare reform to illegal immigrants, or the latest on religious liberty and one finds they are pretty much on their own.

I have found that most people aren’t that into the ruckus of our nation on a day by day basis. Take a newspaper, for example, not much below the fold or on other pages even get a gentle perusal. What I have found out is that most people simply don’t care, unless it is something that will affect them.

I have been wanting to write this out for years now. It is not like I go out to cocktail parties or hang at the water cooler and start my rant about having 13 to 20 million illegal aliens in our country.

But there are those times when I get a captive audience, you know, when I start asking myself, “too much and too soon?” On my gawd, have I bored them to death?

It is when I start in on how to contact your representative in Congress that busts up the room. It’s, “what the phuck are you talking about?” Please, start your next discussion, “What the heck do these people do, other than ______ ____________.”            W000187

Just think of alleged Senator John McCain, or how about this Rep. Maxine Waters, or any of the new upstarts (political age v. years of age, enormous difference) like the actor, Cynthia Nixon, or Senator Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are joining forces to elect an underdog but potentially history-making candidate on the ballot in Michigan next week: Abdul El-Sayed, a 33-year-old physician who would be the nation’s first Muslim governor.  El-Sayed, Sanders, and Ocasio-Cortez are backing two congressional candidates on the ballot Tuesday in Kansas. The two New York natives traveled last month to the state to stump with two candidates. Why would anyone even take the time to listen to anything that these non-American people advocate?         thumb down

“We are at a real crisis point, and I think that what we do is very important,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who is up for reelection but expected to coast, said in an interview Monday. “I don’t like” the message sent by restaurants denying service to Trump aides, she added.

britt robertson“That’s not what this country is about. It’s not helpful to the position that many of us hold, that immigration is a vital part of our country’s history and future, and present,” Feinstein said. “[W]e need to get it right.”

In addition to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders being denied dinner service, senior Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen were heckled during dinner at Mexican restaurants. Protesters later showed up outside Nielsen’s home, playing audio of migrant children sobbing after being separated from their families.

The Waters flap, after three Trump advisers were turned away or chased out of restaurants amid a nationwide furor over the president’s separation of immigrant families, underscores the risk Democrats face along with the reward of a fired-up base.


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