Do you h8 your life that much?

Do you h8 your life that much?

th (4)As far as I can see this must be the case. With so much good going on around us, well, exactly the opposite of the last administration’s full eight years; albeit, it has got me thinking that we must live in a country full of hate!

Ladies and gentlemen let’s calmly look over the changes that have occurred over the last

caduces and money

Remember this one, the lie!


eight years with the Obama administration and then let’s compare what differences there are today as I write. Cash for Clunkers was an idea taken very seriously by the Obama administration as well as spending and racking up more debt than the entire 43 Presidents before him – combined.

515EH0NwS2L._SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_Please don’t let me leave out Fast and Furious that by allowing assault weapons to easily stride into Mexico; nonetheless, Border Agents were killed as well as cartel members and innocent folks. Did our continuous battle with immigration reform get any better? No. Only worse this time it was DACA. DAPA, and heck, an open border! Why aren’t you people going after real criminals like Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, or even Emmitt Cummings?

How many of you are angry over the condition of what America had become under that underling? Highest unemployment rate and never hit a GDP of 3% in his entire term! And talk about various industries – I am without doubt aware that he and Mrs. Clinton tried to do away with coal miners all together! Let’s top this legacy off by saying that people did not know which bathroom to use!

So, you crybabies out there…you know which ones I am referring too let’s get around to blaming everything on the most successful President we seen in years! Heck, the man fires a man for leaking information and you folks cry! You see, leaking, on one hand, is the same as divulging information on the other or…spying.

Last chance grow up, and accept things the way they are, they’re certainly better than dem_party_sealthe previous administration! You know what? The next time I hear a person say discrimination or he’s/she’s a racist, or anything about women’s rights again, I’m going to start freaking out.

Stop looking to make changes with a poor indiscernible attitude! Get off someone else’s bandwagon and stop looking to getting paid to act like a fool.

Hey, come around and take a look at the finer side of life. We, including God, know that you’re getting more money now, and admit it, you are better off than you were four years ago.

Not that I would ever claim to be a Republican – those fools still don’t know what to do; and the Democrats – hey! Stop blaming everyone, especially the President because you’ve got no vision or a plan to proceed. God bless the Millennials.


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