Say to the Press, “We deserve More!”

Say to the Press, “We deserve More!”

$_35Just a short rebuttal against what happened yesterday July 16, 2018, in response to how the mainstream media covered the events as two of the most powerful men with their “staffs and agencies” being recognized along with them.

Of course, I am addressing the events as they took place in Helsinki Finland when President Trump representing the USA and Vladimir Putin representing the Russian Federation sat together, shook hands, and with civility designing their demeanor, openly tried to show the world how things gain the potential of getting done.

Rather than sit and write about the potential of how things could be going with more meetings such as this one, instead I have elected to share with you some of my findings as soon as proceedings came to an end and the mainstream media felt as though they were in charge and virtually tried deluxe with overtime pay to put every imaginable spin on clearly positive issues in order to make them look or appear bad.

pukeAstonishingly as far as I am concerned, what I witnessed made me sick to my stomach! Moreover, the way that this summit was portrayed the issue that stuck out most to me was the barren egos of those who did not get what credit they thought they had deserved.

I can easily remember when both Trump and Putin wished they could find the praise fortyper4 the agencies in setting this memorable summit up. Now then, let’s have a look at those agencies that wanted ego massaging and what they had to say – I am sure it could not possibly be as bad as the media put it.

Some of the very first remarks from the American side was, “why weren’t we mentioned more?” Well let’s consider that source, shall we? I am positive that it was the CIA making these warrants for praise. Even after President Trump said, “Thank you,” directly too them isn’t that enough? And please again, let’s consider these people. And then I welcome you to sit down and critically think.

type on fire1Who in their right mind could possibly think that Helsinki Finland was the place for the two most powerful men on the planet intermingle into other agencies work? Look at Vladimir Putin who openly admitted that he or his agencies as far as he knew had anything to do with meddling with the US general election in 2016. This was not the right place nor the right time for these men to discuss something that only rumor or speculation has been able to determine. We have got to want and need better.

Straight from the Washington Post:“The fantastically complex plot described in the formal accusation makes one incredulous, being reminiscent of Mission Impossible. On TV, one is asked to believe the plot to enjoy the program. An indictment demands proof.

In such a serious matter, only relatively incontrovertible hard evidence, presumably in the form of the hacked servers, the computers or their backup system would provide the hard proof required. Mr. Mueller, a lawyer and former Director of the FBI knew this. Mr. Mueller also knew that he would never have this proof because the DNC refused to give the servers to the FBI, and the Obama Justice Department refused to subpoena them. Perhaps, unofficially the FBI got to see them and could reconstruct what happened. I believe that.

Nevertheless, Mr. Mueller indicted, knowing in advance that no hard evidence was available and that his indictment would never survive if presented to a real judge. In short, the indictment was purely a political ploy to damage the president’s meeting with Mr. Putin, a political trick pure and simple.”

If I may, please entertain these headlines from the mainstream media around the world.

Malaysian Jet shot down by Russians, Men, Women, and Children Murdered in the U.K.

Ukraine in Shambles because of Russian Troops, Putin will not Annex Crimea

Trump is a Putin’s boy, What about our Election and Russian involvement?

Republicans now angrier with President Trump                                              

What kind of a people are we to scowl and denigrate a civil world leader’s meeting? Is there something wrong with people being civil to each other? Have you ever seen or beheld the matter of “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”? Please don’t let Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton fool you with their foreign policy. Now honestly, who would you rather see?


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1 Response to Say to the Press, “We deserve More!”

  1. rogerthesurf says:

    I agree.
    I am not a US citizen but I do follow the activities of Donald Trump by firstly watching Donald Trump live forecasts and secondly comparing this with Fox news and sometimes CNN.

    I find Fox News generally give a good accurate account of Donald Trump’s activities but CNN is absolutely hopeless.

    For instance, CNN on one occasion, a while back, ran a You Tube video with the headline “Trump says “News is the Enemy of the People””

    However I had happened to watch the particular rally in question, and of course Donald Trump had stated loudly, as is his wont, “Fake News is the enemy of the people”!

    Then for the next few hours I first of all put a large comment on the YouTube video which ran this wonderful CNN headline.

    First of all the video was quickly withdrawn and then posted again without my comment, but I was ready for that and immediately posted it again. Once again the video was withdrawn and appeared again in multiple copies, but I was up to that, and so after some time CNN gave up.

    An admission of their fake news I would say!




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