What is up in America?

What is up in America?

type on fire1Currently, let’s discuss the economic condition of America. Okay, that is fine by me. Suffice it to say the ALL economic indicators are up, either moving on the way up or have reached new highs since our current president took office.

The US stands now as having the best job rates for females, blacks, Hispanics, both male and female across the board. This would beckon us to say that the total unemployment rate for each of these placements is higher than at any other time in US history. And that would be true!

Our president who currently is in Belgium discussing the trade tariffs on both sides of the trading parties did a bit of educating his counterparts in today’s talks. It appears as though the nation of Germany does not want nuclear power plants on their soil; therefore, Chancellor Angela Merkel struck up a deal with the Russians for heating-cooling oil as well as all energy based on the production of oil has been subbed out to Russia.

capture33(3)If anyone fails to see the irony here allow me. Most of Russia’s oil is purchased from Iran. That can easily be proved. Moreover, Russia is making money off of the German’s which in turn makes our trade with both Russia and Germany more expensive to us here in the US.

Now just a bit more irony. While the previous administration was insecure about their own negotiation skills, not to mention entering into “that” deal with Iran, now we have a leader who is strong telling other national leaders where the pitfalls are in their negotiations.

Now then, there is not one individual who is at this economic summit in Belgium that is not aware of our president’s next stop – meeting with Vladimir Putin. This is important insofar as we, as a nation, have sanctions against Russia for violating the agreement regarding Ukraine.

Now, what we don’t need in this country right now or ever for that matter is a bunch of unprincipled youths singing about not vetting a potential US Supreme Court justice. Moreover, filling the talking heads ideas about the Millennial generation. It is the talking heads that have said the millennials will be the first generation that has/will not outperform the generation prior to it.

Not to be taken wrong here, but the facts now are holding true as far as the mainstream media is concerned. They report daily on separations in family members when it comes to illegal immigration. Well, as for me, they WOULD’T be getting split up if they weren’t trying to outdo the status quo. And please take some time in your internet browsing and look up how asylum-seekers are donned that protected status.


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