Perplexed of mind and confused?

Perplexed of mind and confused?

494324463 - CopyWe live in a big country. Maybe not a China big, or a Russia big, nonetheless, one could certainly argue that this country, although medium in size could be construed as the single largest if one were to base their parameters on technology, innovation, and invention.

Therefore, considering this to be true and the expectant norm, would this stand do as to the reason why America is such a crown jewel for those who travel and to those who are looking to make a change in their current living conditions? For now, I am going to leave this question for you. Today, I do have some other matters to hopefully discuss with you.

Lately and I will speak only for myself here; yet lately I have been perplexed of mind and confused insofar as our country is concerned. First, the good news. I feel as though our current President is doing an excellent job.

When one puts this nation’s leadership up for evaluation and assessment I can easily grade the former administration’s say that of the Obama administration, Bush and further chronically away to the Clinton administration it is very easy for anyone with any assessment experience to grade those previous entities.                 the-goooo21

I do find it of extreme consequences that the Obama administration showed and based decisions for the population of this country which he went against directly the US Constitution and other matters of law in order to get things done his way. This is of course why he deserved his earned chair of deceit and the logo of one of the “worst” presidents in US history. Furthermore, President William Clinton did obscene things while he was the POTUS and I am not including Monica Lewinsky. The outright open sale of military hardware and software and Top-Secret weapon systems to include, allowing the Loral Corporation to literally launch missiles and other weaponry from within the Chinese border while including scientists, engineers, and other individuals to assist is for me, an easy gradable offense.

However, where my confusion comes from is what I call the “sitters.” You, I suppose, have your own names for these people but as for me, none of them are fit to print. Sure, I am writing about our members of Congress! Not overly condescending, but it would be nice to see them on any program and answer the question, “What is your job description?”

imageSeriously now, anyone please tell me what these elite members of the two houses can claim they have had their hands in – and money does not count!

What I am feeling this instant is that their entire profession is one of, let’s obstruct a new Supreme Court justice from doing his job. Okay gang, what have we got on him?

All one needs to do is look at our current President’s Cabinet. There are multiple appointments that are still waiting for 50 individuals to make up their minds. To this day, President Trump still does not have a full Cabinet, nor does he have one single day to even breath. He did get a Special Council lurking into matters that are no concern of his whatsoever. Nah! That arduous work was performed by James Comey, the Democrat Party, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and a few CIA directors, not to mention a completely rigged former Justice Department.                        ICE1282014_0

What can be so hard about saying to anyone, okay you weren’t born in the US, you decided to come on over or up to visit who…let’s see, your parents who left you and relocated to the USA when you were how old? So, you parents are now not alive, and you’ve come to visit your auntie, uncle, and some cousins? So, do you know their names? So, I see, you don’t know their names but are they alive? I get it now, you don’t know if they are alive?

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