What is going on…tell me, What’s Going on?

What is going on…tell me, What’s Going on?

earth from apollo 17I will openly admit that during a time that the United States of America was without question the best place to live on the planet Earth.

But a few words from my musical friends seem to sum it up very well for this time. “But that was yesterday…and yesterday’s gone, gone, gone…”

I have been invited to the Rose Garden for a ceremony yet, I had to say “No, thank you.” I literally have sat with members of Congress here in the US as well as members of Parliament in the United Kingdom and I have been business partners with members of Parliament in Australia to include the Prime Minister.


I have had the pleasure of sitting and enjoying the communication with the very individual who dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. From professional athletes to Hall of Fame individuals in their chosen sports or journalism to the biggest celebrities or even stars manufactured in New York or Hollyweird. The list is endless – inasmuch as there is always going to be some fame found somewhere.

However, now I live in a nation that is so split – on matters that haven’t even come to fruition that it makes me ill. We literally have in this nation college students who are defaming potential nominees for the Supreme Court vacancy, yet who have not been picked yet.

At the extreme worst, we have individuals who trample a nonexistent immigration program. What is so ostensibly incorrect about even arguing against a nonexistent system is who are the biggest perpetrators?  If there is one ONLY illegal immigrant saying anything that is useless and indiscreet.

But then again, everyone has something to say. HEAR YEA once, for that is the amount of energy I can spare at this time. Try being silent about an issue; is that so hard?

Problems in America: Why not steal Classified or Top-Secret documents? Why not allow your husband or spouse go in and jeopardize her safety and that of a nation and talk with a US Attorney General? Let it get thicker… No problem, how about the director of the FBI declaring that someone being investigated does not stand the test of culpability or her misconduct didn’t warrant a prosecutorial investigation?

The United States of America is the back-breaking nation that goes hand to hand around the world giving of alms to the poorer nations through a Democratic Party founded US Aide. Hell, just line up and you’ll receive your funding. PLEASE, I ask that before anyone makes a remark about President Trump, PLEASE come to the knowledge that he is simply trying to overturn Barack Obama’s self-made dung pile.

So then, why not go after the USICE? The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) has been around since the beginning of this nation’s history. Yet, all it takes is some butt-wipe who THINKS they know something – not to say anything about making it better – is what is written in a book that forbids me from trying to make you a better person.

HERE YOU GO – If you don’t like something about the USA, or if you think you’ve got a better way, then first, let’s hear your better way and for those who don’t like it here PLEASE LEAVE.


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