Careful with the #MeToo Movement, Part 4

Careful with the #MeToo Movement, Part 4 

whatecerThe entire notion for writing these “Careful with the #MeToo Movements is, and always will be the epitome of humankind. During the graduate school days as well as the cocktail parties and the water-cooler chats with associates and colleagues the focus of the “epitome of humankind” comes down to this one decision, do you believe that human-beings or better put, is there such a good issue with the very character of human nature?

Before during and after each installment of what is a gender-oriented synopsis of the #MeToo Movement, I spend a lot of my time reflecting on the good fortune of the movement, or whether there is or isn’t anything good coming from it. Getting attention is one issue but is it the right issue? I guess I am trying to reflect on the number of changes that have come in the quest for gender, diversity, racial, ethnocentric ways.       $_35

So many times, during conversations I am derailed or deterred from the changes that have befallen on humankind for these and other reasons. For example, was it the extreme right thing to do for Barack Obama to have lead legislation for four billion dollars to be paid out in reparations to black farmers and/or landowners? Believe me, there are plenty of black people who are laughing and saying, “Dream on.” And then the same is holding true with regards to the government paying for women’s privileges such as birth control and abortion.

Another aside, Publisher Meredith Corp., has come in for the usual criticism after buying the floundering Time, Inc., late last year. “They’re basically all middle-aged white males from the Midwest,” grumbled a Time staffer, who, you would think, would be in no position to complain. Dow Jones, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), is offering leadership training exclusively to females to try to meet its short-term goal of 40 percent female executives.

You can bet on this, corporate boardrooms, executive suites, and management structures are going to be scoured for gender and race imbalances. Diversity trainers are already sensing a windfall from #MeToo.

attorney'sHere is a problem just waiting for a courtroom, CEO’s shared their techniques for achieving gender equality. It’s actually quite simple: pay managers based on their record of hiring and promoting females and minorities, as Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta explained. Never mind the fact that introducing irrelevant criteria such as race and gender into an evaluation process, you will enviably end up with less qualified employees.

Here’s another, U.S. Banks and financial institutions are facing pressure from shareholder groups to release data on the number and compensation of females and minorities in their upper ranks. Immediate punishment befalls anyone in business who has the courage to criticize this war on merit. Okay, okay, ok then, just listen to the older lady folk from Hollywood, right Natalie Portman? Meryl Streep, Cher?  th1(2)

Now then, this is the dire circumstances in the recesses of my brain. Amazingly, John Williams – a white man – squeaked into the presidency of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York this April, much to the outrage of the diversocrats. “The New York Fed has never been led by a woman or a person of color, and that needs to change,” announced New York, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

Facts are facts, and throughout most of music history, the greatest composers have been male. No amount of digging through score archives is going to unearth a female counterpart to Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, or Brahms. So what?

Guess where we start next time? The real episode here is in the notion of acceptance. Accepting everything and all that goes along with equality. War, accepting the facts of reality, and what is real.


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