Election time in America..

Election time in America...

DZFMw34VAAAm6p7This article is for my readers both internationally and nationally, here in the USA. I won’t be apologetic because one doesn’t need to be. I will try and be as informative as I possibly can without bias or any “type” of supremacy that are coming from a lot of potential candidate’s lips. In all actuality, this election season is for the “Primaries” or those who want to officially be on the ballot; however, it is important to note that this voting process will be looked at by every major polling agency and constantly at that.

News organizations are fielding staffs and seem to be consoling regulars. If one could possibly imagine the kind of news that will be generated if an incumbent feels or perceives a challenge from a member of a different political party, goodness to high heavens! The mainstream media will have a blossoming field day with any slight differential in public demand.

Clearly, as pathetic as this may seem, it nonetheless is true. Most every-thing-other-than-white or Caucasian, candidates ostensibly seem to be living and discussing pre-1960s issues and without source work or otherwise general history, there seems to be a lot of “…younger girls need to understand that there is a predominant need for them (in voting and volunteering) in this election…” stated a candidate for Governor in the state of Maryland.  Or here is the stem of the candidate’s mouths; One, get to the millennials, and two, get to the advocacy groups and special interest groups.

As this appears to me it seems essential for them to go after the youngest, available minds, and also the largest demographic which as you know does not always make the most informed decisions. Quite openly, these candidates are trying to reenact the Obama administrations ploy.

Then again, as is well documented, this tactic may have done well against John McClain and Mitt Romney yet neither of these two gave a hill of beans as to who won the election. And as for the Obama administration, former President Barack Obama is still not out of the gutter yet.                  Picture2

As a sidebar, it appears to me that there is a fledging and falling Democrat Party out there, there is no new agenda or ideas…just Nancy Pelosi and her minions of crazies. Many in the Republican Party have not shown they’re worth a sh*t either. President Donald Trump is a conglomerate party member and should run as an Independent, I firmly believe that he personifies that label.

Just a quick reminder about President Trump: Unemployment figures were released today, and the economy of the USA is booming with the unemployment rate at 3.8% the lowest in over twenty-five years! Received mail correspondence today from the IRS that there was a substantial Overpayment last year pre-our President’s new rates yay! And we still have this current year’s figures coming! Job industry or headhunters are in full swing, and the Iranian’s are crying trying to withhold European nations not to drop “Iran Deal.”

One last reminder, please everyone have a look at the preview of my latest book cover design, An Open Autopsy on America and please be open and honest about your feelings through comments and emails. Please respond!


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