Want to Stop this from Happening?

Want to Stop this from Happening?


AAxOa8Y (2)Jason Seaman, a former defensive end for Southern Illinois University, was shot three times while intervening to help stop an active shooter at Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana on Friday, the IndyStar reports. 

Seaman, who is the coach of the school’s boys football team and has taught science for nearly four years, will reportedly undergo surgery on Friday.

A Noblesville police chief told reporters that a teacher and a student were taken to the hospital with injuries. Hospital officials told CNN that at least three people, including one adult, were being treated. One student suffered an ankle fracture.

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted, “Karen and I are praying for the victims of the terrible shooting in Indiana. To everyone in the Noblesville community — you are on our hearts and in our prayers. Thanks for the swift response by Hoosier law enforcement and first responders.”

Seaman’s brother, Jeremy, said he wasn’t surprised his brother intervened. “It’s not surprising, to be honest,” he said of his brother’s intervention in the shooting. “He’s not really ever been the person to run away. When the safety of the kids is at hand, it’s not surprising to me that he was going to do what he had to do.”

Seaman was a three-sport high school athlete in Mahomet, Illinois and is married with two young children. His mother posted an update that Jason was out of surgery.

This part of the article may not be pleasing to some readers; however, I have used this example in many of my other writings including my new book, An Open Autopsy on America.

One sure fire way to get rid of school shootings altogether I got from Phil Valentine’s epic book, The Conservative’s Handbook, this theory or precept may indeed seem desperate and unruly but let us think of it in terms of the children being shot to death.

Valentine reminds us of how successful Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) has been since the 1980s, as deaths from this abhorrent crime have decreased by 40 percent simply by offering stiffer penalties for those who are convicted for crimes related such as DWI or driving while ability is impaired (DWAI).

Furthermore, Valentine uses as his “Zero Tolerance” mechanism the crime of horse stealing. He writes, “in the nineteenth-century horse theft became a curable crime by having the arresting officer hang the offender. He further alludes to how the horse back then was an economic property and as such really hurt the disposition of the families who had had their horse(s) stolen.

Therefore, if we really wanted to stop innocent school shootings then the perpetrator would receive the death penalty; albeit, not to be haggled over in the courts, etc. Have the arresting officer or the person who apprehended the shooter do the death penalty.


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