‘A real wall’ must be part of any immigration bill in the House

Trump hire americanNothing could be further from the truth! What is wrong with all these Democrats and some members of the same party? This proposition is nothing new to any person living in the U.S. for the last eighteen years. The President stood in front of the world and publicly disclosed during his campaign precisely what he wanted to do. Right?

So, my question is, what is the hold-up? The entire Democrat Party and others have been well well-apprised of this conundrum.  And with the utmost of care and research they, as a political party has voted in favor of this measure. So, let us not be estranged by any means – they have promised the American people that it would be done. Therefore, just as a quiet reminder, for this mid-term phase in voting, I ask everyone regardless of party affiliation to do the conscionable measure.

A nation is defined by a sovereign people, practicing sovereignty, while being allowed to make the decision of who they let into their country. How could anyone say, “I’m an Eagles fan” after winning the Super- Bowl without affinity for Philadelphia? How could a nation select the language that is their’s without a limited amount of control as to who is making the laws?             th

We love NASCAR, the Kentucky Derby, the Triple Crown, Super-Bowl, and our beloved Hall of Fames. And it is reasonable for every nation on this planet to have the same event. And they do! Yacht racing was not started here, nor was horse racing or car racing. That is just one of the reasons that the world is so wonderfully exciting.

In the interest of the U.S.A., we must keep our borders, even if it’s to fortify them with walls or other materials. To, this day I stand, cover my heart with gratitude or salute and sing our National Anthem. I am proud of this country! Oh yes, we have made some disgusting mistakes. But who out there has not? We had men walking around on the moon with less than an Apple IIE computer. And the most magnificent telescope, you know the one who needed corrective glasses to see properly, Hubbell has been one of the most exquisite inventions to date.

th (1)No line of rubbish here folks, did you know that astronomers can see far off images of how the earth was formed – heck, the entire solar system. Unfortunately, we live during a time that we must catch what our leadership is doing. Also, did you know that President Bill Clinton was giving paid for speeches in Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, and Latin America whereby for a nominal $800,000 he actually proposed increased immigration by 250,000 people per year? Did you know that his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton did exactly the same thing?


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