When is Enough, enough?

When is Enough, enough?

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Robert Mueller

I want to come out and scream it at the top of my lungs! I am no longer able to see the intent of men, even when there are those out there who are doing their jobs. Please allow me to say there are those men in leadership positions who are performing over the reaches of history!

If there is one single thing that the Republican party members can learn from Democrats is this; Get on out there and hire or elect the most dishonest people you can to try and lead a government. Remember, my kind-hearted reader’s not too long ago we had this bombastic clown in the Oval Office named Barack Obama. Here is a man who let a renegade group of zealots form their own caliphate and attempt to crush the decency of the world.

Have you forgotten Mr. “Special Counsel” the beheadings, the murder of Coptic  obama-hillary-benghazi-caskets-300x204Christians without reason, allowing Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine and steal and take whatever he wanted? Perhaps your minds have run amiss with the lowest unemployment rate in history? Or is it the “Cash for Clunkers” that has seemed to have run from your mind.

I am just a man. A God-fearing Christian man. Yet, there are some unconscionable things in life that are hard for me to forget. Taking a hammer to a computer server, bleaching hard drives, wasting over 300,000 emails after you have been told not to. And giving Classified information over to the enemy at will and for-profit for a Foundation that you own. C’mon here people, have I somehow missed the message on doing good things for others?

President Donald Trump is angrily protesting a leaked list of questions that the Justice Department’s special counsel may want to ask him, while at the same time contending the list shows anew there was no crime or collusion with the Russians by his presidential campaign. But the questions suggest that investigators want to focus on collusion and obstruction of justice.

The questions, some 49 in all, were published by The New York Times, which said they were compiled by Trump’s lawyers during negotiations with special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators over a possible interview with the president himself. The Times said it got the list from someone “outside Mr. Trump’s legal team.”

If you don’t mind once a special counsel is retained when and how do, we let him g0? Now, it seems to me that it is our money that is retaining this clown and his diligent band of jokesters, but I do feel that this slob has run his course.


When is someone deemed unfireable?

Talk about worn out your welcome – some people never learn. When nothing was done to both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton for their well-documented crimes committed, nothing but wealth has gone to James B. Comey the former director of the FBI and that money is collected illegally, Nancy Pelosi is still saying “F–You” to the hierarchy of leadership and to the American people with her sanctuary bull squat and flying around like crazy on-Air Force jets.

The leak was “so disgraceful,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “No questions on Collusion,” he said, “collusion that never existed.” That’s the idea that his presidential campaign collaborated with Russians who were trying to help him to the Oval Office. As for obstruction of the investigation, after he took office, he scoffed, “It would be very hard to obstruct justice for a crime that never happened!” Now please, and obstruction of justice also?

I stand by our current leadership under President Donald Trump. In my life, our nation has never operated as well as it is right now. I believe in my heart of hearts that this bull squat must stop. Robert Mueller is no longer doing a service for my country; therefore, he should step down now and let the decent people in Washington D.C., do their jobs. Soon I will be holding some protest banner a la #Me Too, Black Lives Matter and oh yes, “Make America a Sanctified Nation,” cuz, Illegal immigrants have rights too.



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