Two Quick Matters that (as usual) don’t seem to be accomplishing anything

Two Quick Matters that (as usual) don’t seem to be accomplishing anything

th (4)First of the two quick matters is how long does it take to screw in a light bulb? Or it seems the Special Counsel would like to know. I mean we as a nation have entered into an embarrassing waste of taxpayer money.

Originally, I was under the impression that former U.S. Attorney General Robert Mueller (AG) had been called forth as a Special Counsel to determine if there had been any comingling or collusion with the Russian intelligence officials during the process that got him elected.

Well, the answer to that investigation is in – subsequently, for a long time now. It was found by the entire investigatory team featuring Robert Mueller that there was absolutely no interference or collusion that existed between President Trump and Russian operatives. One down.

The other matter that I thought was a matter of this same committee was in the notion that somehow the Russian operatives did work on election results; however, no of this seemed to involve our President so what and where to now?

For our ever-present reading audience, President Trump has been placed in a wild position. Oh yeah, you know the one. We have been provided this outcome from an irresponsible mainstream media, that no doubt would have a not so comfortable outcome – the notion of firing Robert Mueller (AG).

I understand the very old adage of, “If someone is looking for something AND they do not it, if we allow them to keep searching then they’ll come up with something.”andy-warhol-dollar-sign-1981

I could go on ad nauseum about these proceedings but how about some type of deadline? Individuals will always understand the need for more time; however, when a member of the opposite political party is in, who will investigate him for comingling with a member of his own political preference?

Now how about Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Hillary Clinton (2)_LII will be as bold as to let my feelings be known; out in the open for every reader to consider and please I ask you to leave me a comment. As for me, I believe that the powers that be have entered into an Agreement with her stating, “HUSH, REMAIN QUIET, and go on living your uncomfortable life until it all dies down or until you pass on.

If you are at the experience of an overwhelming propensity to talk about your evidentry51VY9AHFKYL._AC_US327_QL65_ email traffic, selling Uranium to the Russians, or any of the way you, with the assistance of your worker bees, can account for hundreds of millions of dollars somewhere in that Clinton Foundation, then we and all of our people are not going to let you, or “Diane” aka Chelsea or especially Slick Willy go down hard – incidentally before death.

I do not like the Arrangement in any way; especially because it entitles criminals to remain free when there are so many that do not deserve where they are at.


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