Give me a break…

Give me a break…

downloadDoesn’t anyone listen? Furthermore, are people learning anything from the listening? I do not think of myself as being any better than the next person – but I will openly admit that I use my mind more openly and critically.

Just today, President Trump has decided to invoke an executive order that would place “US military forces” along the Southern border. Well, this is for my readers who may have a challenging time understanding what I write; therefore, I say Hallelujah! We will get a wall one way or the other. Now then, before anyone goes off it is important to remember that most of those who disagree with this notion, supported former President Barack Obama when he did the exact same thing. So why the bellyaching?  images (1)

Just to let everyone know here at The Contemplative Thinker, I support Mr. Trump’s decision to do what he is doing regarding the lousy mess along the border. If, in some way imaginable, that the nation is going to assert itself as a sovereign nation then it is time for extremes.

Schumer cryingThe president is not getting any help from any political party apparatus or member thereof. Moreover, and this is embarrassing – not for me mind you, yet rather for Senator Charles Schumer, the minority leader of the Senate who detests everything that his President does.

It was not some gimmick that the President stipulated about building a wall upon his nomination. Congress has already approved the wall, but they have gotten very squirrely with most of the money it takes. For those who do not know, I was born and raised in Southern California. And there was a reason why I left.                         la raza fist

Does anyone who knows Southern California, recognize anything unusual when the news is reported? Or how about when the mayor of Los Angeles talks? People tried to get articles of impeachment against Barack Obama because he was allowing an invasion of undocumented Mexicans.  Now there are people from Central America who are leading protests to get DACA and other rights accepted in California.

Again, I support President Trump and as a veteran, heck doesn’t even have to ask –I’ll go and serve. Just use military tactics without hindrance. One way or the other, we will defend what is ours.


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