Another Icon Destructed…

Another Icon Destructed…

liNDAPlease go with me on this one…this has no implications on the winner of this star except for didn’t we ALL think she already had one, maybe two?

The point is that if we were to take up all of the Hollywood performing arts shows that are broadcast annually of which now there is humbling, grumbling and astonishing words that are slowly creeping out – in a very negative spin – from the celebrities themselves and to the waiting in the rain, sleeping overnight seekers for tickets that is downright critical, folks it’s getting ugly in the uphills of Hollywood.

What I’m hearing is that this black wave that had a lot gripping and for some, rightfully so to the nomination process of Best Picture, Actor, and on down the line, ask yourself, what film has won Best Picture say for the previous five years?          Linda2

Now for the critical people – how many pictures are they now offering a shot at Best Picture? Too many that is for sure! Apparently, the OSCARS had such bad television ratings this year that over at the there is an entire section featuring videos of who didn’t rile things up with their latest political upheaval.

And ladies and gentlemen, those are my thoughts when from 10 years to 20 years-old individuals start receiving stars for anything, even a memory.

Just onelastthought, when I was a kid you had sections of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine that got the stars for very accomplished work. Now any kid can get one! Hey, it’s your industry that’s suffering time for a new plan – just don’t use clothes, politics, women’s issues, or Trump to start or publicize your cause.


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