The Only Notion to Say is…” She makes me sick to my stomach!”

The Only Notion to Say is…” She makes me sick to my stomach!”

Ladies and gentlemen, please tell me why this person, Hillary Rodham Clinton


“Diane” and Hillary

is dominating so many news pages on the internet and elsewhere? I suppose it is perhaps because she is finally coming into view again with her given speaking arrangements.

It has indeed been a very long time since this person – other than to make money – has openly come into existence, indeed since the final night of the Presidential election. Don’t get me wrong here, there were some publishing organizations that paid her to open and speak about her book.

Other than that, she has behaved like the robbing thief that she is; she has been hiding out like Jesse James or John Wilkes Booth, evading the local and jurisdictional police like a person on the run. As the title of this article states, just seeing photos of this woman on my computer provokes the gag reflex in my stomach threatening to see lunch revisited.

Hillary ClintonLet everyone who reads this article know and remembers, Hillary Rodham Clinton has lied numerous times about some very serious predicaments that she created. Yet I believe it is far worse for her to involve herself in a “pay to play” scam operating out of the Department of State and that too was for big money.

Between Hillary her husband, former President William Clinton (“Slick Willy”) and of course, their daughter Chelsea aka “Diane Reynolds”, this country will be busy paying back individuals and organizations for matters that directly involved a family of crooks.


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