What does it mean? “March for Our Lives”?

What does it mean? “March for Our Lives”?

DZFNK-dUMAAbW3HThe problem that I am having with this current protest march is who the heck knows what it is about? Please do not take me lightly here; on the contrary, I view these organized protests deluxe with fresh water bottles being handed out by members of the press as well as the light meal for those in need of replenishment as being civil.

Nonetheless, as much of a learning opportunity this “March for Our Lives” is we need to be asking ourselves what is it that is being learned and by whom? We do have the right to assemble guaranteed to us by the First Amendment. We also in the same document have the right to bring grievances to our government. Therefore, anyone who argues against freedom to protest (assemble), and our rights to bring grievances against our government (grievances) is what really at issue here is arguing for what?            DZFMw34VAAAm6p7

Furthermore, having come from an academic background, it is important to “objectify” any lesson. It is afterward that we “assess” or grade how well or not well we did give our mission. This is precisely the same thing as saying when one makes a Lesson Plan the first we do is to put forth our objective for the lesson. Then, everything we do should be a step in the right direction of achieving a grand assessment.

hands not gunsNevertheless, this was not the objective or the outcome of the March for Our Lives. I have put together some pictures and artwork for your perusal. As I was doing this it came to me that this is yet another Democrat Party platform with new teams leading protests (SEIU) and (ACORN) or what lives matter or any other thing that bothers them during the time, very much like Planned Parenthood.              penis

The images that amazed me the most were of little children carrying signs that intimated matters far beyond their cognitive skills. Moreover, all the protesting to me had extra baggage being carried for “…what else can we get…” Just look at the title, March for OUR LIVES. As for me, using children to convey a message is disgusting! Carrying a sign that they can’t read or understand the meaning of it is worthless!

black womanIf you are reading happen to be of adult age or among the 70 or so percent who could not pass a dumbed down simply citizenship test – then let this keep me safeone go.

Altogether, there are signs for “Keep me Safe,” Racial, “Penis size” “Holding Hands not Guns.” So although there was some coverage on the NRA and Voting, is your message clear?


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  1. While you are writing about March for our Lives, I can apply your observations to the Women’s March a few months ago in Seattle. I attended in a group who led the main march: Missing and Murdered Indigeneous Women. As a Native American woman, I supported the protest to expose this injustice and to educate. The M&MIW Red dress and Women’s March Pink Hats agreed on the lineup, but not everyone got the memo. The Pink Hatters infiltrated with children (!) carrying vaginas, witty Trump put-downs, gun-control placards, and even Seahawk banners. I dropped out because the marchers turned into Starbucks-fueled grandparents with grandkids (a teachable moment?) I hope some good came of it, but having a sad, horrific subject represented by one group, and merry witty women’s righters was confusing and inappropriate.


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