Freedom of the Media

90000-4-220x150Media freedom, freedom of various kinds of media and sources of communication to operate in political and civil society. The term media freedom extends the traditional idea of the freedom of the press to electronic media, such as radio, television, and the Internet. The term acknowledges that the media in modern societies consist of more than print sources. Media freedom is generally held to be necessary for democratic societies. Individuals generally cannot get sufficient information on their own to make informed decisions on public matters, so they rely on media to provide information. In addition, the media are an outlet for public discussion and opinion and generally fulfill the functions of seeking the truth, educating the public, and serving as a watchdog over government.

Right then…, do you honestly believe that in today’s media that their main function is seeking the truth, educating the public, and serving as a watchdog over government affairs?

Free media help ensure that the democratic principle of publicity—sometimes1 keep families together referred to as transparency—is satisfied. Publicity refers to making information about the operations of government public and provides the opportunity for public debate and scrutiny of matters of public concern. Many think that this function of the media prevents and corrects abuses of power. Conversely, the media provide information about citizen opinion and concerns to political leaders and others in power. Media freedom and its protection of the principles of publicity can be curtailed both by excessive government control and regulation and by market forces and practices. Other influences that can reduce the effectiveness of media are increases in elite or private modes of communication that evade public scrutiny, the reduced literacy of consumers of media, and lack of access to media for use by the public.

Without being overly redundant, do you feel this to be a true statement of the media as it arrives at you in whatever form?


Former USAG Loretta Lynch

If we could just draw attention to the recent FISA Court decisions as well as USAG Lynch’s asking for “Blacklisted” people within our government. I openly feel, predicated upon evidence that the media is doing quite the opposite. Do you believe that the media is forthcoming about the public decision vis-a-vie illegal aliens and sanctuary cities?

Media freedom implies media responsibility and accountability. If free media are going to fulfill their vital functions, then the public needs assurance that the media are seeking the truth and acting to guard the public interest. Government regulations on media seek to ensure that media act within the parameters of public interest. However, many argue that all or many government regulations interfere with media freedom and violate the public’s right to choose and own media sources. On the other hand, government regulations may be necessary to control corporate media outlets that dominate the public’s access to information.

Anytime that the media skews information and/or make untrue statements about the President (the last poll represented that mainstream media covered President Trump in a positive way only 3% of the time versus 94% negative).



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