Education in America

Education in America

3ringcircus(1)This article is for my peace of mind; however, it is also for more parents who enjoy blaming the local school systems for the volatility and ineptitude of our schools. Although I have much to say, both historically and pure source driven material about the condition of the school system in America, I have decided to leave that out. Maybe, someday I will write an article or series of them allowing those who don’t know what truths about education that they licentiously think they know.

Just as in every manner of life, it is felt that we should look first at what the problem is if one exists. I write this in as much as often it is our children who are at the center of the problem. Rather than accepting the truth as it is, far more often than most people think, the truth of the matter brings forth an additional problem concerning another individual.

Nobody wants to accept that their child or children are getting into trouble at school or for that matter, in any public place. Be this as it may let’s look at the potential – in reality. One example is that Bobby used to be an “A+” student in math class. Yet lately on his performance reports Bobby is clearly showing lower marks such as “C’s” and lately after receiving a certified letter from Bobby’s math teacher, soon enough you are aware that Bobby is probably going to receive a “D” this semester in math.

NO! We all want to say it, however, most of us do not. As Bobby comes in wearing pantsimages that don’t fit him, a shirt you’ve never seen, and when questioned there is a lot of denial on his part. The teacher has enjoyed you and your other family members which he clearly has written to you. In addition, the teacher has justified how and why Bobby’s grade has dropped to its current level.

Yet, rather than feel all armored up you notice that the teacher’s justification is monitored by and certainly not limited to Bobby’s attendance in class, the amount of missing homework assignments, his tragically reduced test and quiz scores, and his manner of dress and especially the crowd Bobby’s been seen hanging out with both on and off school grounds.

Whipping the tears of emotion or anger from your eyes, you wonder how Bobby’s teacher could know about Bobby’s hangouts and the people in which he is entertaining. Seriously, how could Mr. Teacher know this stuff? Moreover, why should he care? I mean, Mr. Teacher spends six hours per week with Bobby, therefore, how could he possibly give credence to any of this?

cw7zpitwqaakzlaAsk yourself right here and right now, “Do I want to hear my son tell irresponsible lies and (try) to find excuses for everything in that letter?” Or another option, one that takes more precedence than the previous, does not bring forth the letter altogether. Therefore, you (like most loving parents) decide that nobody knows your kids as well as you do, and heck, forget that Mr. Teacher has been at his career for more than 25-years, received numerous accolades, and most of all has taught your previous children?

Okay, it is a fact that most parents “talk” to their children differently (emphasis added) than do their teachers. But what is it that you talk to your children about? It certainly has not been apparel shopping or who is he/she been hanging out with; furthermore, what is it that they are doing at the mall when they are not buying clothes and by the way, who are these new friends you’re hanging with?

Cutting to the chase, here are a few guidelines and suggestions. We have already stated that Bobby spends 6 hours per week in class with his teacher. I mean this gently, how much real time do you spend with Bobby per week? Heck friends, he’s wearing clothes you’ve never seen, and how is his homework coming along since he’s been spending more time at the mall than anywhere else? Now the lie stopper; let’s have a look at the actual test and quiz papers – is he able to produce these for you?

57b05deee5c6c.imageThe literal discrepancies need not turn into “you’re so out of it…” A simple call to the teacher would work fine and he is trained to do it.

Here is a way out before it gets too far way out. Bobby could indeed be hanging out with newly made friends from school; however, it is far harder for him to break clear from them that we all think.  Turns out that these guys are real thugs! But these thugs also have the finest ladies hanging with them. However, not so attractive that he has to leave math to go to the mall. Yep, there is a unique way.

Bobby has been sucked into a difficult citation. But let’s not let that decision ruin his entire life, okay? The answers are in paragraph five – and all related to his new forced friendships.



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