Sanctuary madness…!

Sanctuary madness…!

77984915Is there nothing to say such as dignity or how about integrity? Nada, nothing, null and no way. The illegal immigrant population in the United States is sitting on their thrones, just waiting for the representatives’ next ploy.

It is a very easy notion for me to look back into the early 1980s and the more solidified 1990s to 2000s screaming my lungs out back to when this “sanctuary city” animal excrement began courting the upper echelon of denominated religion in the USA, pretending to be historical roots of the movement derive from the “right of sanctuary” in medieval law.  The movement’s contemporary roots derive from the American Civil War and its Underground Railroad, as well as the sanctuaries, offered to conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War.

I have a very difficult time with this research definition. First, the definition discusses “the right of sanctuary” during medieval times and subsequent law in Europe. Second, the definition goes over five hundred years to place the notion on parody with the American Civil War and slaves using the Underground Railroad, so where is the clarity when advancing this movement an additional 100 years for conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War era.

The BiblePeople let this problem go straight to Washington D.C. and the two Congressional houses. There is no law in existence whatsoever that allows for “Cities of Sanctuary,” or to be confused with “Cities of Refuge.”Such a perfect article to bring forth the beliefs or chasms of the conservative or liberal movements currently showing such ignorance in America these days. For example, a person who abides or believes in the Conservative ideology now in America is one that believes in tradition, family values, a home where mom and pop or any of the two make the decisions and thank you very much. Yep, Conservatives believe in their flag, their nation’s national anthem, and why not try to critically think about it?

keep families together

Liberal ideology supports no borders, no sovereignty, bring them all aboard such as Dreamer’s, DACA recipients, and certainly not to sound crude but liberals would sell out Americanism to conjure up a new town, new state, or additional territory for an asylum-seeker or refugee to start a new life. Hey, I have not stored up love for the Confederate States of America, yet I still believe that tearing down monuments is simply ludicrous. Absolutely, the heck with the old one – let’s go to America where we can protest our right to live there, where we can allow their Representatives to literally make fools of themselves, at our expense!

Now to put this Sanctuary City think as a movement proclaimed by the church – we need DU5x8UKU8AAcW69to critically recall what our ideologies are. (French: Ville sanctuaire, Spanish: Ciudad Santuario) refers to municipal jurisdictions, typically found in North America and Europe, that shield migrants and immigrants from certain adverse conditions. The practice has its origins in the sanctuary movement in the United States in the 1980s, which itself is inspired by church sanctuary practices.

Hey, wait a minute here…just for a second. Do the names identifying the movement French and Spanish even suggest that they started in an American church during the 1980s, then spread to the rest of the world? That was taken from Wikipedia, can you tell?

The sanctuary city movement took place in the 1980s to challenge the US government’s refusal to grant asylum to certain Central American refugees. These asylum seekers were arriving from countries in Central America like El Salvador and Guatemala that were politically unstable. More than 75,000 Salvadorans and 200,000 Guatemalans were killed by their governments in hopes to suppress the communist movement in those countries at the time.

kaepernickThe concept of a sanctuary city goes back thousands of years. It has been associated with Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Baha’i, Sikhism, and Hinduism. A milestone for the sanctuary cities movement in the US occurred in San Francisco In 1985, this city passed the largely symbolic “City of Refuge” resolution. This resolution was followed by a 1985 city ordinance, “City of Refuge”. This city ordinance made it prohibited to use city funds and resources to assist in federal immigration enforcement, which is the defining characteristic of what a sanctuary city is a today, or as accepted by a person with a liberal ideology.

Such policies can be set expressly in law (de jure) or observed in practice (de facto), but the designation “sanctuary city” does not have a precise legal definition.

Hopefully, you can read my passion for this pseudo-movement. I have lived during the majority of the ridiculous decisions made by elected officials in Washington D.C. as well as other places.


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