News Reporting

News Reporting

3ringcircus(1)Watch News Reporting on any News Channel you care to watch – follow your favorite News hosts and anchors as they report on exclusive stories and events.
News reporting involves discovering all relevant facts, selecting and presenting the main facts and weaving a comprehensive story. Reporting involves arduous work, which in turn involves stamina and patience. The main function of journalistic profession is news reporting.

A reporter needs not only energy to spend long hours chasing a story, collecting facts from various sources to dig up the truth, he needs must have the will to pursue the course of his investigation to the very end to produce a comprehensive story without any missing links or unanswered questions.

So, it is at this juncture where I’ve decided to bring this story to you. Here goes, do you typer2believe that the News Programs that you watch whilst reclining or relaxing albeit listening or watching television covers the hourly thus daily the portions of news that you have waited all day for, or do you believe that there is some programming that leaks itself into the news ad nauseum?

Specifically, in this article about News Reporting, and given the definition above here is my question: “Is there a time when a venture at reporting the news goes above and beyond producing a comprehensive story or let’s just call it sensationalized piece of words on paper.”

Yesterday, February 14, and even more so today, February 15, 2018, my elected channels of choice decided to carry more and more of the recent of the “crazed-nut syndrome armed and shooting innocent children” at the local Jr. Middle School in Parkland, Florida.

First my criticism – what about the millions of other people that care to watch another programming that waits only to find that their show has been canceled and that that block of airtime is better served covering the onslaught of murdering innocents? Still reading? Great, now for the consequences.

_35Spoken bravely by Greg Gutfeld, a Fox News anchor, stated that over 80 percent of the hospitals that normally would be treating the individuals still alive from maiming, delimbing, or killing others, have been closed! And people spout off their mouths regarding Congress and litigation. I would love the fact that these very same people are the same people who lie, cheat, and steal from innocent Americans every day.

The consequences of these acts literally boil down to finger measuring games. Seriously when one thinks of Sandy Hook, Columbine High School, Aurora Mall theaters, Las Vegas Concerts, Churches, and other assorted nuts leaving Facebook images and beliefs, and of course, what this person intends on going.

What I fear is happening in America is “chain – sensationalism.” And I also believe that the way some news institutions are presenting the news is biased. In the modern age news journalism, the responsibilities of the press have grown manifold. The way his neighbors behave or act affects him. Man is thus anxious to know more about the world he lives in. Satisfaction of this curiosity is the major task of a good journalist.

The variety and the depth of news have, of late, increased manifold. In fact, newspapers, magazines, and periodicals have become the main source of information for the people. This fact underscores the need for accuracy in news reporting.

A journalist should not only perform unbiased news reporting but should bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the facts.


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