It is my turn now…


It is my turn now…

Unknown-5-220x150Much earlier today I was asked to write on a few matters that I find uncomfortable. In part because what we have reported is a far cry from what our President campaigned on during his run for the White House. (In italics are three basic talking points and come from a writer from The, then, in a standard text are some of my thoughts.)

“As the system has clogged under the weight of numbers, the waiting time for spouses of U.S. citizens has stretched. A successful application regularly takes more than a year.  

In my humble opinion, this point made here is the one true downfall of the American immigration policy. I have made it known several times for the last ten years in the coverage on this website.

How anyone in Congress or the White House thinks that chain migration needs some sort of amnesty is disgusting. What needs to be done and this suggestion will service chain migration numbers (lessen) moreover, it would sincerely assist the incoming legal immigrant.

downloadWhat our President and all Congressional officials need to do is lessen the clogging, weight, and politeness by hiring ready, willing and able persons to work within the United States Immigration Services that will be placed in these administrative positions.

Please follow me for a moment as I explain. What good does it do for the language component of America to have a tired and perhaps restless agent working in an administration position who is supposed to test for English, as well as knowledge of the American way, by asking them ten questions about the Constitution in English, and then being the ultimate judge of who passes and who does not pass based on their responses and answers in English?

“A highly touted section of the {White House} proposal ‘ends’ chain migration for the extended family members of incoming immigrants. The chain migration phenomenon is responsible for explosive growth in migration numbers, accounting for 60 percent of the 33 million immigrants admitted to the United States from 1981 to 2016. The Trump plan claims it will curtail this growth by limiting family sponsorships to only spouses and minor children.

thhfwqi5zlApparently, this confusing mess is all about DACA, Dreamers and their extended family members. Just a couple of facts and idiosyncrasies. It is reality check time, okay? DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Or, as a president once said, perhaps based on another Democrat saying, “These kids are here by no fault of their own…” DACA members have been in the country – illegally for some time now. They have been the recipients of at least two extensions of their two-year accountability.

Here is the way I wish more people thought. Hey, wake up! Allegedly, they were infants when they arrived, yet who brought them here? NO! Their parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, or the coyote man? And now, Trump wants to consider these very same individuals for a pathway to citizenship or at the very least a free amnesty? Now, I leave by stating this by the esteemed writer at The

 “If Trump’s proposal were accepted, his first term would feature the biggest immigration amnesty since 1986; no near-term reduction in numbers; and the tilt of the entire system even further in favor of family reunification. He would trade all that for money for his boondoggle border wall. He did not even ask for more workplace enforcement.”


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