downloadIn lieu of my perspective publishers and their decisions being equal with mine, I am fully ready to disclose that An Autopsy on America, my latest creation is now complete! Now, as for my loyalist readers let everything that I write from now through and including entirely 2018 will be dedicated to you…why, one may ask?

I used to use this blog site, The Contemplative Thinker, as my primary daily, a weekly publishing medium. I look forward to working in that capacity again even though I have started my latest hope to be a best-seller.

But not a minute can go forth, with me at least saying something about the partisan leadership that I believe splinters our country. I come right out and say, that if Congress is desirous of gaining public opinion to their sides, rather than let your approval rating drop below 10% on the jobs that you are doing – rather than face a midterm election wondering where your partisan party is albeit; getting anything done being up against the other party that with the strong president that leads them, I suggest that you make the calls necessary to get your people in touch with his or her people and start talking.

This may be too difficult for anyone in D.C. to understand, but where former President Barack H. Obama left operations and plans when he left office is ugly and dangerous. Let’s look at his last actions as the POTUS: DACA, recall if you will the unconstitutional executive order he signed and had his minions carry out.

A word about DACA. DACA is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a kind of administrative relief from deportation. The purpose of DACA is to protect eligible immigrant youth who came to the United States when they were children from deportation. DACA gives young undocumented immigrants: 1) protection from deportation and 2) a work permit. The program expires after two years, subject to renewal.

Is there anything else we can do for you? Hogwash! The lingering problem in Congress, (both Houses) is the notion of doing the precise opposite of what the opposition party is asking for.

Suggestion: Leave it (DACA) as the only thing you are dedicated too. I will talk with my friends, colleagues, and associates here. The last thing any American wants to see happen is that some other functions of the legislative branch start flapping their jowls about putting DREAM-Act legislation with it. Or any one of the chain migration shenanigans for Auntie, Uncle, Granny, and or Gramps wanting to reunite the family. Quite openly, why muddy the waters? Those people are not DACA so why even endeavor to add appropriation bills to the primary legislation?

Moral of the story, regardless of your position on this matter, you should be doing nothing less than contacting members of the other side. At least, this gives the impression that you are trying to be workable.

Eighty-four consecutive weeks of new All Record Highs for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, people back to work is best in over 35 years, and why not do something for an American? A tax break here a better a better America there. And Wo-Who the list is getting endless!


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