Just a couple of quick reads…

Just a couple of quick reads…

th1(2)My first point is for those we call the “Hollyweird crowd.” You know, these people who probably would still vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Ever since this entire slaughter started with Harvey Weinstein. I don’t know if you’ve noticed it but as for the social media the actors and actresses are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches, quickly alerting the people through — not the mainstream media — but, as I stated through social media.

Just today I was reading Leo DiCaprio’s musings about how we all should be ashamed and then again now Mr. Ryan Gosling over at Twitter has put his phony, “and I’ve been working with that man and knowing…” confession for the masses.

Not that I have any problems with them coming forth; however, we all know what happens when stars or celebrities come forth with their ever-so-deep emotional feelings, guess it yet? Every person of every orientation will look to gain money and mossie right in. My own difficulty with this is this alleged “War on women” and how this one fat and ugly man is going to affect that issue. That’s all for now.

Now then, in my book, An Open Autopsy on America, I had a bit of a rhetorical argument with my editor with regards to current material. She was suggesting that any and all information relating to Hillary R. Clinton, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and especially former President Wm. Clinton be either removed or summarized at best. I proffered up the “what makes history and continues and so on…” which she vetoed and said, “cut-it-out.” And I started to, believe it or not…

Then in another conversation a couple days later, I stated that I did not think it was in the best interests of my soon to be published book that I leave those “Usual Suspects” out because I felt that there would be more to expose collusion and foul play. For those who are wondering, I cut bait with that publishing house and editor and ended up with a far more brilliant and noticeable one. Oh well.

2222222Prior to the chapter on Immigration Devastation, I decided that I should at least allow my audience to know where and how millions of immigrants came to our country. I wanted to focus on the 1.5 million Germans and well over 4 million Irish and at least 1.5 million Italians assisted during the War between the States (the Civil War).

As I have been writing daily on that project, it has become very obvious to me that what it states in the Constitution in Article 1 Section 8 that Congress is to establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization…and in Section 9 “The Migration or Importation of such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit for the sake of taxation for the federal government…”

It has become very clear to me that the United States Congress just as in all things has done nothing with forming a rule of naturalization! It has only been an act in a response of anything egregious that may have happened considering the immigrant. Only as a result of such actions has the US Congress ever done anything to form a rule of law regarding immigration. The only way that Congress could possibly know how many, where from, number of family members, student visas, etc., is through the US Census Bureau or something in the voting rolls. I have learned an awful lot.


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