Reid College students boycott classes and demand outreach programs

declarationofindependenceThe more I am reminded of people that will do anything to advance their careers, try and show how smart they are, or better still and there are a lot of these kind of people around.

You know the one’s I’m writing about – perhaps a couple of years at the local community college, maybe even a college graduate or two, and then come the dangerous liberal who, having heard something that intrigued them and yet without any further research, even a dictionary to find out the meaning of what they have decided to espouse, please understand that there are millions of these types of people walking around of all age denominations.

Some, believe it or not, are walking around at Cal Berkeley, Georgetown University, and as much as I hate to admit it, they are at University of Virginia (UVA) with the major lot of them are at New York institutions, Massachusetts universities, and Southern Californian establishments. I hold no grudges just civility. And I wish these people would have a look at what consequences their actions may have.

Reed College students were protesting racism on campus Monday, skipping classes as part of a day-long boycott. The students participating in this protest are a part of a group called Reedies Against Racism. They have a list of demands for the administration, including more outreach to marginalized communities and mandatory training about race sensitivity for faculty and staff.

About 100 students were at a rally Monday morning after earlier interrupting a capture33(3)humanities class. The class is one of the points of contention for the group. “It’s Western Humanities. It just teaches whiteness and inherently European texts and completely ignores the fact that there are other civilizations with intellectual foundations,” a student complained.

My turn – this is where the elitist students “think” they are a head of something. The problem as I see it is that Western Civilization however it is offered up is a must for a college educated person who wants to spend their lifetimes within that civilization being studied. Plain and simple. There is no doubt much that can be learned from coursework; however, making demands such as intervening into communities with school funds will almost guarantee that you won’t be attending next year. Reed College will use tuition funding collected right out of your parent’s hands.

Now then, Western Humanities should be discussing “whiteness” and using European texts why? It is an overview of the culture you’ve decided to experience while at school.


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