It happened! Some empirical research with a Millennial!

It happened! Some empirical research with a Millennial!

 Devon2 editedOkay, let’s say we all have been waiting for that special time – you know where it’s you and of all ethnicities and races around you get a 19-year-old Asian lady who is very calm, very considerate of your time and questions, seriously, at first, I thought it was some kind of feminine joke on me when all things considered this lady is hot! Actually, I wrote that last line for my editor who constantly reminds me to keep it short! No extra words, not even to describe this woman’s skin tone, her light-hearted demeanor, and well, super long blond hair.

You know, she’s decked out to the nines with her plaid flannel shirt used as a jacket just covering her Asian-ness, sort of a white with lace Victorian blouse buttoned up to the top with just the top button loosened for comfort and of course some kind of denim, jeans type, heck I don’t know custom designer wear pants that were vaguely covering her c.f.m. small pumps. I mean she had to know it, but then again, she was hanging with me, ∩∩∩«!

So, the venue is Starbuck’s sitting minding our own business; me, finishing up some editing on my soon to be a best-seller (joke!) and she, working in Word looked like an essay of sorts. With the news on in the background immediately our conversation turns to DACA and the majority of her friends at school who are illegal, full of angst, totally freaking out because of they as well as she thinks they’re going to be deported.

Just in case you are new to this particular site, one of my big issue that I cover is the outdated, raunchy, more than hideous immigration policy that our nation does not have. And I really thought that engaging a conversation with this young Asian quite intelligent bombshell was going to do me some good, I had to learn the hard way that there are a couple of matters that are true,  Devon3

First, not all Asian ladies that remind one of Devon Aoki to possess the magnificent brains or intelligence that Ms. Aoki does. And then again, secondly, kids will be kids – no matter what discernable information they are given deluxe with the original source documentation, they still think like children, don’t listen, debate like flopping fish and heck, could care like a millennial person that by assuming the overwhelming problems of an illegal alien, then allowing their parents who abandoned them and sent them up north for an early migration process, that these parents are not bad or negligent with their children but suffice it to say that Ms. Glamorous believes that US taxpayers should pay to reunite them between Mexico, Central, and South America and here?

And friends I tried! Did I ever try! Just to allow this little lady a look into wisdom! Fortunately for her, she had her laptop at Starbuck’s and I introduced her to The Contemplative where she proceeded to embark on the more than ten years of ridiculous immigration syndicated articles. I showed her the Category selection menu from my site and couldn’t make it to the bathroom fast enough! So, I was thinking…I exited the bathroom with my cell to my ear hoping to avoid any further nonsensical communication with her.

So, I leave you with this one. Earlier in the conversation, she told me about her Spanish class she elected to take this year. Having spent a long portion of my life in Central America and Mexico I started a little conversational Spanish with her. She emphatically told me that they did not speak Spanish in her class…call me stupid I don’t care. In her Spanish class once a week they have Immigration Day whereby the illegals tell the class how great it is to be from Mexico and surprisingly she explained to me that she’d rather learn about Mexico from those who were from there. So, naturally, I asked about how much Spanish had she learned in case she happened to visit Mexico one day. She started with, “well my teacher believes…” and my cell phone rang thank the Lord!



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