How much more does the “American” take?

How much more does the “American” take?

Illegal_Immigration_UnderstandIt2OTesticles. I really believe that when an author or television commentator refers to having “balls” what they are really saying and/or meaning is gumption, gall, fortitude, honesty, and the matter of holding to what one is saying and/or believing.

The way of the American politician is a disgrace. Allow me if you will to say this type of dishonor,  humiliation, and egregious behavior is also at a premium at all levels of education, go crazy in the press, as well as tarnishing the respect of this nation and is beyond reproach.

3ringcircus(1)For any United States Senator who willfully took a vacation during the recent August recess there should be a squad of police or other-named officials to take your little bull squat badges and anything else that supports that you are indeed the person who you say you are, and what you do for a living and just like an ancient traitor to their country be put to hard labor or death whichever comes first.

You fraudulent human beings who wish to think you do a function for this country – and who still vacations after a measly 8 percent approval rating there is something wrong with you. Not just one or two of you, I mean all of you.

Listen up everyone: The exact same language that former President Obama used in order to initiate DACA is now being used by President Trump to wake up every human being in this nation to resend the initiative. And have you heard the academics, lawyers, judges, and other members of the supposed intelligentsia arguing about this? 300px-capitol_building_full_view(1)

And Congressional officials both of the House and of the Senate you should be ashamed of the way this is being handled. Do I think you people such as McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Rich, et al., are going to be any different – In this instance, I am directly addressing the alleged Representative Cummings of Maryland.

For well over 20 years I have been promised a wall. Where is that wall that has been bought and paid for? President Reagan and his infamous Dream Act, so where are the scholars, patriots, military men/women?

Why do we continue to put up with Dreamer’s who are 31 years of age? Hey, listen up you. You got here, by hook or crook or otherwise, you got here, right. You are better educated, make more money, killed a few more, so what’s next? Family reunification? For what? Health care for what? Cherry picking in soccer got its name somehow? All you are doing illegals is Cherry picking.



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