Sanctuary city advocates are at it Again

  Sanctuary city advocates are at it Again

young-ucA federal judge has temporarily blocked most of Texas’ tough new “sanctuary cities” law allowing police to inquire about people’s immigration status during routine interactions such as traffic stops.

My turn – why would anyone who has not broken the law mind being asked these details? I do have difficulty with this entire set of circumstances, especially after the Obama administration’s Justice Department sued the state of Arizona for ICE officials asking during an infringement of the law! If one wants to vote, drive, or just about do anything in this nation, why not including one’s immigration status if asked of course.

Opponents call the measure, which sailed through the Republican-controlled Legislature, a “show your papers” law. They sued, and the ruling by U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia in San Antonio keeps it from taking effect Friday, allowing the case time to proceed. I find it interesting that the Judge’s party affiliation was not indicated.

Conservatives say the crackdown on illegal immigration enforces the rule of law. If one


On the “NOT COUNTED” list

were to really examine this ruling as well as some other issues that have come to light in the past, I must agree with the sentence about conservatives.

Seems to me that most of the people who are at this point of the law are against it simply because they say it brings forth the notion of “profiling.” And allow me please, it does not bring out any profiling issues whatsoever; what it certainly brings forth is the notion of recognizing reality. A typical tribesman from Africa will not bring this up in Ireland. Simply because it is real.

Under the law, Texas could fine police and counties that don’t honor federal requests to hold people jailed on nonimmigration offenses longer for possible deportation. It also ensures that police chiefs and sheriffs could face removal from office and criminal charges for not complying with federal “detainer” requests.


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