What is America coming too?

What is America coming too?

The fundamental reason for this question is that various events are going on in today’s America that would not have been seen in in prior days. Yet, not to be taken lightly, we have seen these types of criminal activities in our past but again, as for me, I cannot say that I’ve seen them with such vehemence, disdain, ruthlessness, and non-caring as they are being done now.

downloadI have a certain reverence for the University of Virginia. Although it is a public school, it has the distinction of being the most rigorist and most strident to get into. Yearly UVA is always at the top or at worst tied at the top with other private institutions such as Harvard University and Notre Dame University. However, what is more, that surprising to me is that it is located in Charlottesville Virginia, yes, the same place where the excremental activities have occurred.

Now for a moment let’s forget that it was developed and mentored by President Thomas Jefferson. However, I do have some reservations that this extreme nonsensical filth has been happening in a place where there are alleged the most brilliant minds in America attending school. Oh yeah… I’m going to be just as hard on them as I was in an earlier article I wrote about the University of California at Berkeley, albeit a private school.

I don’t like the rubbish that has been going on in this nation any less or ardently than you do. Just a couple of mentions on that if you don’t mind.

The state of anarchy that is being perpetrated by some groups in my mind is utter lawlessness and should be punished accordingly. I do want to say that I am sorry about the Civil War, I honestly doubt if the people who want that portion of an ugly history ripped from America do not fully understand the atrocities that happened. Furthermore, not during the time of battle or maybe so, an entire race of people was showing their courage and bravery to the world. Anyone should be proud of that configuration.kenny_flag_small

Now then, why anyone would be irrespective of the United States Colored Troops who led the engagement at Ft. Sumter, SC and later became the U.S. Buffalo Soldiers who fought in California, Utah, Mexico, Arizona, and New Mexico, and the first border wars stopping illegal immigrants as well as “Poncho Villa” and his band of assassins is simply beyond me.

Yet almost worst is to try and remove that section from American history. Remember, the “Middle Passage” was not an acclaimed portion of any nation’s history, nonetheless, it will not be forgotten.

Please and respectfully submitted, if you and your mates refer to your organization as a “White Supremacy” outfit, you are only fooling yourselves. All of this “National Ra-Ra” we are better than you are so you are not taking a thing down, rather than carry on with violence why the hell don’t you be a respectful American and file a petition within your local government offices where the issue might have an opportunity of getting something done on it. We all know by now, that the Congress of the United States is the laughing stock of the world! By the way, they don’t even show up for work, try to assist the President with tax reform, or immigration reform.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I will write on the measures taken by greedy, unethical, and nerveless congressional members who want to play with DACA and DREAM programs in order to fund a wall we were promised…more than 20 years ago!



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