Just between you and I, do you care, I DO!

Just between you and I, do you care?

perry_0What in the name of God is going on in our nation right now? First, if you don’t mind I’ll address some positive matters – with the attempt of those at Bay. And by those “at Bay” I am referring to some real guidance I have always known, but was prompted by Mrs. Shannon Bream of Fox News in some of her Tweets yesterday.

First of all, for the learned (pronounced learn-ned) folks who care to read a citizen sourced journalism piece, we should be the understanding that since President Trump has taken office our nation is very much in the process of being rebuilt and restored.

I believe today the final tidbits of ending the NAFTA intercontinental treaty was done. So let’s add that on to the over one million jobs created in less than 150 days in office, as well as a sinking unemployment rate, and oh! Did I mention that I haven’t heard a word from that fat-farce wearing his custom fitted North Korean dunce cap?

So, without further ado this paragraph is for my most esteemed (almost too much) commentator, Dr. Charles Krauthammer who knows a person’s heart and intentions by ear, who also can tell how serious a person is from day to day, who’s writing what and for whom, and who is reading from the heart and whose material it is, moreover, is it better today than “two days ago, or Saturday?” Yep, this is the same person who disdains just about everything by calling it, “To critique what he did today on the grounds that it distracts from the agendais a cop out,” Krauthammer said of Ingraham’s position.  Furthermore, calling it “an utter disgrace” speaking in terms of President Trump or “What Trump did today was a moral disgrace,” what you are honestly doing is trying to show how smart you are, which indeed shows how misinformed and stupid you really are.

New BaltimoreWhen you turn moments like last night’s debate with Bill Hemmer (moderating) and Laura Ingraham into the “Krauthammer Hour” of how not to speak publicly, debate any position, step on or over everyone in the room, and of course showing how stupid you can be at times, take a page from Mrs. Bream’s book of etiquette, and just be quiet.

By those “at Bay” folks I mean but certainly not limited to, protesters, neo whatever’s, Klansmen, people who are obviously overreacting to nothing of real consequence while at the same time hurting innocent people, making a scene, and I need to ask certainly not expecting an answer because I think you are all to chickensh*t to answer, what are you doing that is not good for the nation?

Now if there is a person who wants to try and figure out why the Founders of this nation made a 10th Amendment, let the mayor or another public servant of Baltimore Maryland be your guide. Let’s not leave out those in North Carolina, Kentucky, and other patron saints of the fabulous expression that became very popular around the turn of the 20th century – “those separate but equal” Democrats of the great southern states…”  170816_SLATEST_Baltimore-Confederate

If we believe in the matter in which our country was indeed founded, that we are a rule of law citizenry, and above all, that we are to be partakers and owners of the nation, then do as the Arizona governor espoused, “let the people decide.”

It is difficult for me to express that any public servant that gives the go ahead to topple a monument, “quick and before anyone finds out about it” is not good for anything. Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh literally stated,  ‘With the climate of this nation, that I think it’s very important that we move quickly and quietly,'”


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