A group comprised mostly of black activists

A group comprised mostly of black activists

changing up the roles renameA group comprised mostly of black activists dedicated to preserving American history is calling for Confederate monuments and statues to be preserved as reminders and lessons of the darker side of the country’s past.

Well, just a bit of commentary from me, this is a fabulous step in the right direction of any community that wants to heal, and that healing is a reminder of what was. However, although I thought the opening statement was just a tad too loaded, I do also want to have my say in this fiasco as well.

Not all that long ago I picked up my vehicle in Vancouver, WA USA and headed south to So. California to say, “I’m off to bigger and brighter things to my family” as I headed for the other coast making sure to catch everything the big history markers I did not want to miss before I went to my permanent home.

So off I went on the good old fashioned cross-country trip, eyes wide open and destined to hit every big and or little glimpse I could take in. Much to my amazement, as I walked from battlefield to battlefield I also came to wonder why such men were marbleized or cast in stone. More on that later.

A former Dallas City Council member, teamed up with the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West and Sons of Confederate Veterans to oppose the creation of a task force charged with removing Confederate monuments from the city’s public spaces.  kgucxcnt_bigger

She said the statues serve as a reminder of an important part of American history and that removing them won’t solve any of the real problems facing the country.

“Some people think by taking a statue down that that’s going to erase racism,” Ms. Crenshaw told CBS Dallas. “It’s misguided.”

The group’s efforts highlight the division in thinking about such monuments, which in the aftermath of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, have become the focus of various movements to remove or retain them.

And forgive me please, but call them what you will, society’s been doing it for decades and generations e.g., “skinheads, neo-sh*theads, Klansmen, supremacists, so please pardon my nothingness, it’s just because any recognition of this type of person is not warranted.


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