Just a good read from me to you…No quiz involved

Just a good read from me to you…

working hardI have been nigh on dying to get to this site and share with you some of my life’s more interesting bits; however, when the editor rings, work must be done. I’m sure you all know what I’m going on about. This is something that I jotted down in my Notes Section for my next book. Please open up! Damn, some of you have been faithful to this site for years, so don’t be sorry to add your comments.

On America: Let’s get it right! Balmy, and even confusing at times, is what is going on in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Seriously, does anyone but I think that if we don’t get some [more] right things done, then we will cease to exist as the nation we once were? I have been working on an action plan and maybe I will submit most of it to President Trump – as though he needs it.

Any plan that exists for fixing the problems simply caused from our former administration; moreover, from decades of just letting things go – we have all heard the expression, “Oh they all do it, he just got caught…” yet, why would we ever allow this to even remotely continue? As for me, it simply reeks of another person outside the law.  capture33(3)

What or where I am going is in this direction. Why shouldn’t congressional members and their staffs be forced into a healthcare plan such as ObamaCare? How is it that congressional members and staff be able to “insider trade?” We need to show them how what they ask of us, or what it is that they pass, applies to everyone. Simply put, when the government takes it, individuals lose it. And I’m a bit fed up with their money making, non-suffering ways.

All too many of government officials hide behind their new found opaque screen, allowing them to escape accountability. We all must demand accountability then…responsibility for the action.

America was founded and forged by core values and principles. Proven by elective choice, it was these very values that made America great. I believe that unlike the behavior of our politicians with hotly contested elections and increasingly foul partisan antics, that Americans still share fundamental principles. Regardless of the not so learned few, we all believe in unlimited free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, a strong national defense, and the rule of law, right?  Christ overlooking Rio

Statistically speaking, over 90 percent of Americans believe in the Ten Commandments as guides for our individual lives. As well, it seems to me that we all believe in traditional American values such as fairness, volunteerism, the primacy of family, the freedom to worship as we see fit, self-government and above all that nobody is above the law.

th1(2)Yet all too often, politics trumps principle in our nation’s capital, particularly powerful special interest groups, wealthy lobbyists, and angry extremists have come to dominate the political prospect. So why do we have a reason for optimism? Because those powerful groups do not represent mainstream America. As much as it may bore the flying high celebrity circus of Hollywood, New York, or even Washington, they still have to get over the myriad polls that show mainstream America overwhelmingly hold dear the time-tested anchors of God, citizenship, and patriotism.


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