“Enough is enough!”…said the normal operating public

Enough is enough…said the normal operating public

BBD1GQyWhen – are these advocates or special interest groups going to learn that no particular person is at odds with them and their demands? If we could just go through a couple of exercises within a state and a certain administration to clarify a few things.

Of the first part, for any person initiating any speech or turmoil regarding President Trump’s decision to ban or bar the number of Americans that affix transgender or trans-queer, or transsexual to their name or personality is, as I am concerned, ridiculous and unconscionable. These individuals, albeit trans or whatever, to even be saying anything about this decision at all shows me that the unscrupulous group of individuals has nothing to do with character, accommodations that must be made, or any change made for that instance is wrong and given the recent past of court rulings that these individuals make up less than an even appropriate number pursuant to the population to say a word.

Honestly, I could not begin to tell and/or describe what this nation; moreover, what the people of this nation have done for their differences. I am sorry once again, but if a person is a homosexual and prefers their own gender as a means of companionship I have learned to accept it. If a person is bisexual that too is something that I have learned to accept. Forget about any values, morals, or ethics I may at one time or even today hold, I nonetheless, have let my own personal feelings lay adjusted because someone’s lifestyle is different than my own.

However, at a whimsical notion for a person who may be entering puberty to not know who they are or what gender they possess, simply to make a remark like, “I think I’ll be a boy today…” and then change that completely a month, or six months, or even a lifetime later, I believe it is wrong for a government to be so laisse faire has given the attitude of someone who is not even voting age.

The LGBTQ lobby, special interest group(s), advocacy groups, are in the process of taking things too far. All of this political rubbish in the state of California with Proposition 8 that by the voting public was shut down 64 to 31% and these groups got involved with case 2017-01-19_sanfransue histories, precedents, and other means only to get beat again 8 to 10 years later by 54 to 46.7% and still go on directly against the people until you finally got the administration who was simply prepared to allow illegal aliens citizenship, jobs, murdering, and other unethical things to get so out of hand that I just want to scream, “Hey does anyone remember that the USA was originally a nation based on the ‘rule of law.’”

Oh well, cum se cum saw or however, the expression goes. The non-special protected portion of our population in the USA has continued to show toleration – even with this transgender notion of sharing restrooms in a public park or a public school. Makes one feel like saying, “What the phuck-et anymore” why have a President, especially a Congress, laws, or even a governing body or maybe I should just ask the person who has largely commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the army intelligence analyst convicted of an enormous 2010 leak that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world, disrupted the administration and made WikiLeaks, the recipient of those disclosures, famous.

Yep, convicted of espionage, amongst many other Army and war crimes, Bradley Manning now sex-changed Chelsea Manning ran its mouth today after President Trump said “NO.” Ms. Manning should have received the death penalty (see here for more!) for what he/she did during the war. And just leave it up to Barack Obama and Michelle to clear a pathway for this unconscionable person.


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