President Trump…Curtail the mistakes, listen to advisor’s, and lay off A.G. Sessions

President Trump…Curtail the mistakes, listen to advisor’s, and lay off A.G. Sessions

Trump hire AmericanThe time has come although, I will admit that I wish it never would have. Furthermore, this is one of those revealing pieces that I am sorry that I have to write. Lord knows Mr. President, that I have written, and now that I am blue in the face from talking so much about so little, that I must admit that my own personal feelings for a “Let’s Make America Great Again” has not stalled, yet, I would be not so on the up and up if I made different claims.

Therefore, having defended you years before the election, one of your ardent “no collusion” supporters, “no Russian rubbish” that the Democrats have all but destroyed Washington D.C., with, now members of your family are getting involved and I should add here that they are receiving the treatment they deserve for even being mentioned.

Personally, I have always thought you are a decent man who is capable of running a business. What most people don’t realize is that anyone committed to big business must also attend to the notion that mistakes within projected businesses are going to happen. And I am sure you’d agree that most of the time it is government intervention that causes even the brightest of us to stammer because they are the ones who are making the laws.

However, be that as it may, you’ve got integrity so I know that Charles Schumer and hisSchumer crying left of center warriors will continue to make their fair share of blatant atrocities.

Yet, as I read transcripts of interviews or of you live, mentioning US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to the press with regards to replacing him; consequently, I must admit that perhaps I could have mistaken your fervor as hype.

Hey, it is time now to knock all of this rubbish (human excrement) off, and allow those who are capable more than capable of performing their duties and also who represent your highest level of support in that swamp you work in. Enough of treating your own like rubbish. C’mon, President Trump ACT like a seasoned President…and, not a rookie.


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