DACA executive amnesty to compete with American workers for jobs with the federal government.

DACA executive amnesty to compete with American workers for jobs with the federal government.

The House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment late Thursday night that would allow illegal aliens who receive the unconstitutional DACA executive amnesty to compete with American workers for jobs with the federal government.

Trump hire americanI do hope now – above and beyond all else, with this type of voting behavior, it really should not surprise anyone as to why Representatives are voted in for the 2-year term rather than a Senator, or example, being voted in for their 6-year terms. When the Constitution was ratified and therefore in Article 1 Section 2 of the United States Constitution solidifies the office, time in office, apportionment, and qualifications of the Representatives of the House.

In many writings during the time of the actual writing of the Constitution it is well known that the difference in service times (Reps=2 years; Sens.=6 years) is very much predicated upon English Common Law.

The reason for the differentiation of years is by Upper and Lower House. It seems that Reps were considered less adequate than their counterparts in the Senate. This appears to be the only reason given as a measure of why there is a difference. Reps in the House are supposed to be “closer” in ways of the people they represent.

The amendment, offered by Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.), was part of the FY18 Financial Services and General Government spending bill and was passed by a voice vote.

Financial Services Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Tom Graves (R-Ga.) and House Appropriations Committee Chairman Randy Frelinghuysen (R-N.J.) allowed the voice vote to take place. Chairman Frelinghuysen denied a call for a recorded vote, a move that many Republicans criticized.

It should also be well-noted that the “Appropriations Committee” holds U.S. taxpayer funding for various projects that respectfully are not named. It is believed that this is where most politicians stash pet project funds known also as “pork.”   2016.06.28_UVisa_ObamAdmin

According to a recent USCIS report, 787,580 illegal aliens have received DACA approval since the program was created in 2012. Over 100,000 DACA applications were approved in just the first three months of 2017.

Despite his campaign promise to end DACA on his first day in office, Pres. Trump has not taken any action on the DACA program. He specifically excluded DACA from his January executive order, which ordered a review of all the Obama-era immigration orders.

However, anyone who cannot see past this President Trump versus the Democrat Party let’s just look at what has hit this individual’s administration for a simple Travel Ban.


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