What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …”

What happened to the “I NEVER sent a …”

Monsul2I cannot and will not speak for any interested reader here, but for those who have not been in America that long, it is the time that one becomes acquainted with a clear, clean, and succinct perspective of just how this nation works.

As some will recall, I am currently waiting and working on my latest release, An Open Autopsy on America which is currently waiting to go to print as I type this post. One of the main issues that I am currently looking into is this notion of “oh, he is not the first politician to ever do that.” That excuse will work some of the time, but certainly NOT all of the time.

In fact, I have officially entered the realm of hating that phrase! The main reason is that who in their right mind wants to be covering up for the mistakes of their nation’s politicians? Sure, everyone is human and they will make mistakes. No problem as long as they take the attribution (blame) for it, and some accountability (responsibility) for the mistake.

Now, this is the precedence of what we do not see national politicians doing. Heck, we can call it, “The Red Line in the Sand,” or the epic, “I have never sent anything Classified or Top Secret to anyone…”

Although it is alleged that time will indeed heal a lot of wounds, but what if the “Red Line” guy was in fact, receiving information from the “I have Never sent” person? Seriously now, haven’t you ever wondered how a foundation could muster up $250 million dollars?

What is at dementia is how on earth was this done? Allow me, please…No! There are not enough people in the world who would or could sit through one of those speeches! And from Mr. “Red Line,” the Iraqi’s are beginning to reclaim the town of Mosul in the North of Iraq back from ISIS who indeed took it away.

In 2010, Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, was one of nine federal agency heads to Tsar-Bombsign off on Russia’s purchase of a controlling stake in Uranium One, an international mining company headquartered in Canada with operations in several U.S. states.

According to my sources and other contacts what we have found out is that “History Retold” is very much an agenda item these days. The time has come – predicated upon some weak, meek, and money hungry Republicans – to clean it up, get out of politics, because your so-called friends are not going to want to work during the month of August 2017. Please think about these matters: James Comey being investigated for leaking Top Secret documents, in order to get an Independent Counsel; Have you been privy to the “all that Russian influence in the election” at the behest of the Democrat Party? It’s not an investigation, say, it’s a MATTER! This entire rubbish has been going on for far too long!



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