Is the USA the only country that prepares amongst its Allies?

Is the USA the only country that prepares amongst its Allies?

us-army-troops-300x195There has been an overwhelming amount of talk regarding the North Korean regime and in parlance, it is noted that this is as a consequence. Although this defected regime has been told by the international community “not to build weaponry with intercontinental ballistic features,” they indeed have done so.

Furthermore, this regime has also paid for in one way or another, the mobile capacity thus allowing the North Korean military to move around at will with some very sophisticated weapons. Yes, I do agree that there should be open lines of communication with all parties concerned.

This is a very serious problem one of which needs openness, available intelligence, primarily because it is dangerous, yet, the head of the regime is behind it and we are not altogether certain if this man is dealing with all his oars in the water.

This information, though extremely worthy to know and plan toward, is not really the reason that I come bearing words this evening.Gulf_War_Photobox

I need to ask this question: Does America’s allies build up their state of readiness to defend their countries? This, above all else, should be a determinate or assisting question as to whether the USA is going to ally with them – as well as their coalition records.

When I look at the military readiness of South Korea and the massive amounts of conditioned and sophisticated war implements that the USA is having to send to assist them, I wonder if and how much of their gross national product is dedicated to arms?

One would think that the famous utterances by people who have been in there would be singled out, even though worthwhile. A very famous yet simple cliché to live by is be equipped; or in other words, a well-protected nation isn’t normally messed with.


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