Please tell me what you think!

Please tell me what you think!


You have been tarnished! Hats off to Mr. Comey

This article is for those, with pitchfork and ax in hand, who want to know what to do about the problems we currently face in this country.

This situation of America is in trouble, is not something that is new by any means. The intention of this article is to make known to you the notion of America being in serious trouble that is unique and in fact, supersedes any other time in this nation’s history, including the Civil War and what is commonly referred to as Watergate.

In order to have a specific, sophisticated means of achieving this goal it is believed that the best possible description and impact of the problems should be defined.

The distinction of America being in trouble is one that is so aligned with the people who have or had lived in this nation. America is not an old country by any measurement. However, that specific identity does not lend to the notion of the nation experiencing “growing pains.” Although on the historic scale America is seen to be younger than most other legitimate nations on earth, it nonetheless has progressed out of these growing pains shortly after the nation endured the civil war.

Therefore, one would be correctly identifying the problems that America now faces if one were to look at what the ideals were as the founders began creating the democracy that governs us to this day.  download (1)

It is so very important that one remembers that the ancestry of the Founder’s had been here on the site for approximately one hundred eighty years prior to developing into the original 13 British colonies. Furthermore, our ancestors were, in fact, joining the indigenous people who were on this property long before the British, Scots-Irish, Dutch, French, German, or Scandinavian people ever arrived.

It is viewed by many scholars that we indeed owe our very existence, or lives to these native-born individuals. This is one of the areas we look forward to as the series progresses.

When it has alluded too, America is in trouble, is as true as anything that could be expected. Consequently, An Open Autopsy on America is a title that basically tries to do just that technique. As many other esteemed authors have done and will continue to do as we are attempting to open up America and look at those matters that have caused the problems and troubles that now exist.

Clearly one of the biggest problems that have gone unnoticed for generations now would have to be the very idea of going against what the founders took the responsibility to do. The Founder’s used the most available resources they could possibly acquire from America, yet most of the material that was actually used was in fact, from Europe.

founding docsHaving become disgruntled with the Articles of Confederation as the founding ordinance of the new Republic, the Founder’s embarked on an entirely new exposition. Developing through experiential means, a new system of governance never applied before in the history of civilization, what is now commonly called a Representative Democracy whereby having a government and country that was to be solely belonging to the people and therefore, managed by the people, each having an elected Representative that at the beginning of the experiment the individual was to have a voice in the governance, with the representative alongside them as they participated.

Please, it is of critical importance to understand that the Republican form of government has nothing whatsoever to do with the Republican Party that is involved with politics as seen in the United States. The Republican form of governance only begins to become a viable concern during the Middle Ages and was exercised primarily by the Greeks until the Northern city states of Italy also began the practice of governance; we must not forget that the Northern Italian city-states were not aligned with the Roman Empire.

The primary purpose of the Republican form of government in the newly formed United States of America was intent on a single purpose: Having a Representative democracy whereby the entire nation was to be policed by the citizenry. This means that the primary command of the governance was held by the people to expose, identify, and to uncover crime and corruption within the federal government. In addition, the Republican form supported the very notion of Representative Democracy whereby the people owned everything, and most importantly lived by the rule of law. Others within the political system we know see, ostensibly live above that same rule of law.

Okay then, so I asked, “What do you think?” (Thank you!)


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