“Those who live in the past, have no future”

“Those who live in the past, have no future”

kgucxcnt_biggerI think at one time or another we have all heard this expression. It does not need a lot of analysis, or deep thought. As for me, I think it would be better off if one were to reading the book of Proverbs which is filled with these types of insights; however, in Proverbs there will always be some sort of follow through with the quote.

Notwithstanding, I do believe that this above mentioned statement to be true – of course, if this type of behavior was in fact complacent without end. Basically what the statement is trying to do is to let anyone know that those who have made mistakes in the past, if somehow they were to continue making the same mistake over and over again, then that individual would have no sense of forgiveness – even if it were self-forgiveness – then confederate flagchances are they would continue to do the same thing.

I am not meaning to be disrespectful or cunning in any way. Yet, I think and believe that if humankind does not look into the past albeit mistakes, conquests, or challenges and critically learn from outrageous behavior that could have happened, then, the ‘have no future'” aspect reasoning would be true.

On a lesser analysis, it pains me every time I hear, read, or see yet just another tribute, flag, or monument taken down because of something that happened in the past. Furthermore, I will not be of the humankind that cannot forgive whatever it was that was being done. This certainly does necessitate that forgiveness somehow equals forgetfulness, because it certainly does not!

Do you think for an instant that all knowledge, I mean everything, should be taken from textbooks or from memory or memorial lots what Adolf Hitler ordered done to the Jewish people? Let’s call that on a counted number maybe 11 million humans lost their lives – or simply were murdered. So why not throw in Stalin who “purged” the ranks of the party members within and without the communist party, either in their homes, work, or in the Gulag. Modern historians believe that considering the Potato famines in Ukraine and Soviet Kazakhstan the figure of death perhaps tripled that of Hitler via the Nazi Party.

In the second half of the twentieth century, Americans were taught to see both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union as the greatest of evils. Hitler was worse, because his regime propagated the unprecedented horror of the Holocaust, the attempt to eradicate an entire people on racial grounds. Yet Stalin was also worse, because his regime killed far, far more people, tens of millions it was often claimed, in the endless wastes of the Gulag.

However, nothing could come close to Mao Zedong who is considered the worst of all-time. Zedong’s count remains at an official 40 million dead; perhaps, the count is much higher more like around 60 million!

If possible please try and understand that the motivation for this article is of course, political correctness, insofar as the people being killed in the above mentioned pits of hell were just living life to its fullest however maybe they had a mild ideologies or philosophical difference to the others. The second inspiration comes from motivation such as, a person or an editor, or even a publisher can change words in a book yet the inference will always be there. Furthermore, especially in America, would there be such a notion of Civil Rights, or civil liberties had we not thought back to the Civil War? I do not think that General Robert E. Lee was an unscripted man. I do believe that he did a lot more in the development of this nation than most. Yet, when anyone tries to remove him from existence it just will not happen.


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