Special Prosecutor Necessary?

Special Prosecutor Necessary?

MuellerEver since the Democratic Party especially those who have been, one, not quite able to make the vote and two, those party members who collectively responded “No” while Mrs. Hillary Clinton was being passed over by the FBI, the Department of Justice, and furthermore, the president at the time Barack Obama, now we are treated to the rumor mill or at the very least an unsubstantiated claim.

Back during all of the scandals especially with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) most Republican party members were calling, vehemently begging for a special prosecutor in the Fast & Furious House Committee investigations but NOooo; then again during the Benghazi attack with the ugly excuse of an eight-minute videotape that caused it, but NOooo! Then when just about everyone in the country was calling for a special prosecutor to convene a grand jury and begin investigating Mrs. Clinton for her breaking the law using an unsecured email service and secret server as her main communications device what happened, No, No!

So, although there is not one single piece of evidence that remotely figures into the


Elijah CumminsD-MD

campaign of President Trump, and perhaps an issue that was started more by rumors than anything else, and now the country has to endure whether or not the POTUS was passing along “Top Classified” material to a Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister; moreover, a piece of unknown (perhaps even unwritten) memorandum of a conversation that included ousted FBI chump and clone James Comey and President Trump.


Well, there is an encouragement in the process of appointing former FBI Director, Mr. Robert Mueller as the official Special Prosecutor in this egregious mess. It is very worthy of noting right here and now, that for seven of the eight-year presidency of William Clinton, both he and his wife remained under investigation by Kenneth Starr. Much of the investigation had to do with the former First Lady’s insider trading habits as well as lying and for Mr. Clinton, he was impeached in the House but no convicted by the senate.

Most political party officials stray away from special prosecutors’ inasmuch as especially the young one’s are looking for a case. Rather than conduct an investigation to see if there is evidence in which to prosecute anyone, a more experienced one focuses in on the investigation to uncover evidence.

What was meant above is that a seasoned special prosecutor looks at, touches, and surrounds himself with the able-minded advisors and assistants as possible. At the time of this publication, we still stand unconvinced that Mr. Donald Trump has done anything that would jeopardize the security of the American people.



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