If You Claim to be an American, just read and comment!

If You Claim to be an American, just read and comment!

US-Constitution-Burning-300x150Have you ever experienced one of those days, moreover, daze would be a better word. It is not like anything happened or occurred wrongly, it is far more the matter in which things did actually happen to create that weird vibe in your entire presence?

This phenomenon has warned many advocate leaders to “push-on” so as to tear shreds into those who are not with us in our beliefs. Far too many times I have read, or heard, or listened to some talking political pundit about how it makes the opposing side look weak.

Now as an extremely patriotic and well-educated person in this heavily mixed cultural society that I live in is turning out to be far more ridiculous than I originally thought it intended to be.

People, furthermore parents, or members of a youthful yet lesser acknowledged generation please stop what you are doing and listen to the words of this reasonable man who does like you have questions that no available person especially on Capitol Hill or the entire district of Washington D.C., seems to have an answer. Yet, it gets worse – and by far!

By the time the former administration left office and as far back as July 2016, the only talk about a Russian influence in U.S. election process was coming directly Campaign_2016_Clinton_Emails-a0d7cfrom Obama’s office and of course, assisted by his cronies such as Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and so on, the list is endless. Oh my, it does get far worse! After James B. Comey, former director of the FBI made his egregious talking ploy about lack of finding a prosecutorial attorney to take over the evidence and the case in its entirety of the USA versus Hillary Rodham Clinton with regards to Secret documents and her use of them with her private, personal server.

From the time of James Comey’s press conference in July 2016 up until early January 2017 one could not find a Democrat party member to shed some heat against Clinton. By a measure of 3 to 1 (3/1. 3:1, etc.) Democrats looked the other way!

Now if you are worried about another nation disrupting this nation’s electoral process, consider if you will, Vietnam’s elections, Cambodian elections, Nicaraguan elections, Cuba’s elections, Russian elections, as well as Thailand’s elections, mark these words here: If you are not old enough to remember the mentioned nation’s elections mark my words there was in fact, CIA involvement.

So, how was your day? Let me share this bit with you. During an interview, a former network news anchorman said that a “doctrinaire” person cannot be a good news reporter. He then defined a doctrinaire person as someone who has deep convictions of absolute truths in areas of politics or religion.

vasiLyAN_normalIf he meant that a reporter should present the truth in an objective manner, unaffected by personal biases, I would agree with him. However, if he meant in a more general sense that we must not bring convictions of right or wrong to discussions of politics and religion, then of course, I would strongly disagree. After all, none of us would have political or religious freedom were it not for men and women who had convictions for which they were willing to die.

All I would ask is that you take how and for what America went to war for – the American Revolution – and on essential issues of whoever’s faith we should be willing to die for our convictions.

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