Well, it is my chest!

Well, it is my chest! And it is my blog

Unfortunately every now and again I’ll post a real rant, by my standards, of course.

APEMainstream media and those who read the news for you — I am coming just about unglued with all of you! Dangerously close, in fact. I am getting to the point now where I am looking for either a special interest or advocacy group so that maybe I’ll write an Amicus Brief in conjunction with some 1st amendment folks will get the courts to perhaps usurp their judicial madness against you.

The oddity of this mess is that you claim your “Do not Censor” us, or else…what? Seriously, when an individual gets an elected new position and for the first 100 days I have heard or read or written about, how disrespectful your own coverage has been of this person. The latest negativity poll I have been asking, why oh why are they doing this illuminates how you are so whimper-kissing buttheads.

Today while idly listening to a radio, again the non-favorable press has developedis-1 enough time to put up a whopping 91% rating of negative press this character has done.

How about you just try and either tell your editor where to place his entire head and simply refuse to read this rubbish or simply start trying, to tell the truth, seriously, it could not be that hard!

The guy successfully keeps our government alive without hurting anyone and here’s what I heard on the news — He did not get ‘The Wall’ building money; he hasn’t repealed or rescinded ObamaCare yet; and, just for a real laugher, some lady mentioned he has not even planned his tax deal yet. People are getting pissed because he has not revealed his own personal tax statements. 

Okay, for all of us, or you who make your living in some way with the press, have you heard about a number of deadly illegal criminals he has been instrumental getting deported? Or how about the minimization of illegal aliens? Now, excuse me, but I’ve had it with the civil rights people! If you only knew how condescendingly embarrassing you are!

ruffianAs for this date in history, a majority of civil libertarians balked and griped about President Trump inviting Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte to the White House. Nothing like just a little strategy, huh? In an atmosphere of North Korea doing whatever they can to produce a nuclear warhead carrier, and Assad murdering his citizens at genocide levels, what we have in the Oval Office is a leader who has done more than Barack Obama ever dreamt of doing.

Well, for those of you who are still within that 91% consider this, it was Barack Obamapuke who drew a red-line in the sand, remember? It was Barack Obama who did not do a thing when Vladimir Putin decided to take Ukraine and other areas. But on the other hand, President Trump has moved with relative ease with his missile batteries at the North end of South Korea. Moreover, by listening to his field commanders and advisory staff, he unleashed 50 Tomahawk missiles at Syria. There didn’t seem to be any dissension coming from those bears of Russia.

Furthermore while listening to FBI Director, James Comey, this morning after being treated to Hillary Clinton’s psychosis blaming everyone but herself for losing the election I am just disgusted. So Comey says, (paraphrasing…) after what we found on Rep. Weiner’s computer, we thought immediately here is the thousands of emails she said she deleted.


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