What constitutes Mental Illness?

What constitutes Mental Illness?

1_death-penalty-1024x576This is precisely the kind of rubbish that defers me not to even read, listen to, or write about. Until the psycho-community can come up with some clear guidelines and definitive definitions as to what being mentally ill is exactly ⸻then I do not think anyone should be given ‘the ride’ so to speak with regards to abusing America’s system of capital punishment.

Therefore, as such, I am left with trying to do what I do best and that my friends concerns writing about the problem.

Upset that people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders have been put to death after murder convictions, lawmakers in a handful of states want to bar the use of the death penalty for people with a serious mental illness.

People accused of murder who are found not guilty because of insanity can serve time in a mental hospital and avoid the death penalty. But many states have a narrow legal definition of insanity — not knowing what one did was wrong. And critics say that leaves many people with mental disorders to be found guilty of capital crimes and sentenced to death.

Well, hold on just a second. Let’s quantify who are found guilty of murder and can indeed be sentenced to a mental facility. What is not being disclosed is the murderer/patient/inmate can be reassessed on a per annum basis and can be pardoned/released from the facility annually.

So, what exactly does being mentally incompetent mean? If it is something along theimages ‘ride’ that Oswaldo Martinez, a 46-year old deaf and mute illegal immigrant from El Salvador charged with the rape and murder of a 16-year old girl in James City County more than 12 years ago, still is not able to communicate effectively and was ruled again Monday unable to stand trial.

Martinez, according to court documents, is accused of beating, raping and strangling Binger, but because he cannot speak and had no formal language training at the time of the alleged crime, has not been tried. Clancy has said previously that Martinez has not been diagnosed with any mental disability, only an impaired ability to understand court proceedings.

Immigration screeners should be made aware of this before looking the other way whilst passing someone on any vetting for visa and/or deportation.

The problem that I have with this type of “judgmental oversight” is simply this, a mother and father are without their daughter, and brothers and sisters are without their sister, even the boyfriend has suffered a loss ⸻for what?

I am one who believes in capital punishment. Statistically, the jury is in. When a society wants a certain crime to end, it will end when the punishment is severe enough. Here are some quick examples: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) saw a 40 percent drop age in alcohol-related driving deaths in one year as a result of state’s stiffening the drunk driving sentences. And, because of a book, I’m reading now, the author explains nineteenth-century horse thievery that dropped to zero percent when those caught stealing a horse were put to death.

Do you think that a person arrested for dealing drugs would repeat his crime if others killed for drug dealing was happening? California – the stupid liberal state saw a 36% decrease in violent crime as soon as the Three Strike law went into effect. So, Obama and his mates in the Justice department started changing the three-strike rules.

Zero tolerance when it comes to punishment after the crime is committed has the only positive result. Commanding stiff penalties for stiff crime is not about rehabilitation! Sure, it’s nice but about as useful as plea-bargaining or mandatory sentencing that does not happen.


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