Trump administration talks tough on North Korea

Trump administration talks tough on North Korea

I nighthawkPresident Trump and his top national security advisers briefed congressional lawmakers Wednesday on what a senior aide called the “very grave threat” posed by North Korea, but they offered few details about the administration’s strategy to pressure Pyongyang.

Administration officials emphasized in a pair of private briefings — one open to all senators and held at the White House complex, and one for House members on Capitol Hill — that they were developing a range of economic, diplomatic and military measures in the wake of a series of provocations from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s regime.

Lawmakers said they came away convinced that the Trump administration recognized the urgency of the mounting tensions on the Korean Peninsula, where Pyongyang conducted a failed missile test last week and drew international condemnation for the launch.

But several members of Congress said the administration remained vague about its efforts to confront Pyongyang beyond tougher talk from Trump.

This is where the pettiness begins without any cause whatsoever. Now, the president does not owe to anyone an explanation which is what I have seen and with our overzealous mainstream media lacking any common sense as we have all experienced with President’s Bush and Obama’s administration was constantly showing off our military’s prowess.


“There was a definite degree of resolving that we’ve got a bad situation on our hands and they’re ratcheting up the importance of this,” said one Republican senator, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss a private meeting. “One of the things that I surmised from it was that as much as anything else, perhaps they wanted to prepare everybody for the fact that this could escalate quickly. That’s my own read on it.” In all respects a very good and contrite answer.

“Nothing is risk-free. This situation is not risk-free,” said the senior official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to outline internal planning. He spoke at the briefing for the senators was underway at a secure location at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door to the White House.

As well it should be. We have had administrations in the recent past that would have done nothing predicated upon they did not prepare accordingly. Just a few issues to clear up my mind ⸻ even if North Korea developed a nuclear warhead, they still need the capability of getting it here. My suggestion is why wait until your enemy has the power? Another thing that has me worried is China.

China is a nation of passers-by. We may think that they will assist as we did in Korea and Vietnam. China still needs to be pressuring this crazy fool in North Korea.

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