Media again blames Trump for Obama error

Media again blames Trump for Obama error

The Department of Homeland Security reversed itself Wednesday saying that a young man, identified by USA TODAY as the first Dreamer to be deported by the Trump administration, had valid protective status despite its earlier claim. Who is “its” regarding the previous sentence?

On Tuesday, the department said its records showed the protective status of Juan Manuel Montes, 23, expired in 2015. On Wednesday, the department said that status was, in fact, valid until 2018.

Now according to record, the facts that this story should have been run as another former President Barack Obama screw up. There came a time (how convenient) when the original DACA efforts had a specific two-three- year expiration date. This date was to be reviewed by DHS and if the Dreamer was in accordance with all facts related to his or her status, then their status would be extended.

The difficulty here in this simple mistake is that Obama allocated an additional two years of Dreamer time unbeknownst to most people in the country. I would suggest that any Dreamer in the country right now should without haste or remorse check in with their local CIS branch or have meaningful correspondence with whoever extended their original dates. Now then, pursuant to Juan Manuel Montes, the Dreamer who said his DACA requirement papers were good until 2018 or even if the DHS made the announcement my suggestion is that he carry and expiration card taped to his driver’s license, credit card, or something on his person.

When any journalist or copy editor; moreover, a person performing as a fact-checker should have caught that this Dreamer insofar as it wouldn’t be difficult for anyone to pick this up – notwithstanding DHS.

Montes, who was deported from Southern California to his native Mexico in February, had been protected from deportation under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program created by President Barack Obama for so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.

With all due respect, this issue should NOT bear President Trump’s name whatsoever! How long (perhaps forever), will the mainstream media continue to cover everything that occurs in D.C., as a Trump error? Please see the article above.

On Wednesday, the department said he lost that status because he left the United States without permission and was caught trying to re-enter the country. DACA enrollees must be approved to travel outside the U.S.

However, attorneys for Montes said the only reason he tried to re-enter the country is because he had been deported by Customs and Border Protection two days earlier.

“Juan Manuel has been unequivocal in his assertion that he never voluntarily left the country while he had DACA,” said Nora Preciado, an attorney with the National Immigration Law Center, which is helping in Montes’ lawsuit against the Trump administration. “Rather than continue to provide half-truths and varying assertions, the Department of Homeland Security should respond to our request for documentation. We will see them in court.”

In finale here, what’s up with Nora Preciado of the National Immigration Law Center? Who in this case is providing half-truths? Furthermore, if the DACA extension for an individual requires a personal appearance by the Dreamer themselves…this is the decision a court attorney must gauge his prosecution on.

America, how long will you continue to allow this rubbish to go on? This National Immigration Law Center is the epitome of a special interest group influencing every unsavory congress person with money.

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