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Trump, getting it doneFor someone who has strong words about the current state of immigration, Donald Trump certainly has inconsistent ideas about what to do about it. This is according to a writer at the Washington Post, which very much is spinning much the same as the New York Times, lately.

Okay, all of this “flip-flopping” and back again stuff by the mainstream media is making the press look bad and not President Trump. Albeit, these media outfits are counting on the stupidity of the American mind; therefore, causing rioting, angst, and discord for those who are around the president.

As far as I’m concerned there is not a great deal of difference between the way the Democratic congress is behaving and the mainstream media. Both are incredibly ridiculous!

What is the issue with the H-1B visas? For those of you who are not keeping abreast of the latest news, the president’s administration has been pistol clear as far as immigration matters are going. It wasn’t but two, maybe three weeks ago that I became aware of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 21,362 immigrants — including 5,441 with no criminal record.

That’s a huge increase from the last two years of the Obama administration when obama13noncriminal immigrants living within the US had little reason to fear deportation. He has made the life of undocumented immigrants much, much scarier. In other words, Trump appears to have restored, immediately upon taking office, an immigration policy that was abandoned as inhumane.

The impact of Trump’s arrest spike goes beyond the number of immigrants who were actually taken into ICE custody during his first several weeks. The statistics confirm something millions of immigrants were already worried about: that once again, deportation is a constant threat.

Moreover, the number of “Dreamers” deported after being brought illegally to the United States as children and losing their protected status because of criminal behavior appears to have soared in the first few months of the Trump administration.

Immigrant advocates say the rise in deportations of former Dreamers is likely a result of Trump’s executive orders tightening border security and immigration


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