It is time for Civility

Bowe Bergdahl resizedEither at the end of this writing or unless there is someone out there who can come up with a better excuse, there comes a time when one should be making comments about what our new Presidential administration is having to deal with.

How much more can it be typed? The result of each scandal is just another justification for some person doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Susan Rice, National Security Advisor to the President had been caught dead center in two previous lies: Although the two were not on the same issue it nonetheless has a great deal to say about a president and his ability to discern competent help.

The two lies that were proven beyond a reasonable doubt were one, on the Sundaybergdahlbowe_032515getty morning news programs she dutifully carried on that the initial cause behind Benghazi, Libya was the eight-minute YouTube video. And, two she again lied about a young man who deserted his unit to become a Muslim and an enemy to his own unit. According to Susan Rice, her voice concerning Bowe Bergdahl was nothing but praise saying, “He served the United States with honor and distinction,” she replied. “And we’ll have the opportunity eventually to learn what has transpired in the past years.”

bergdahlbowe_120216gettyWe all talk of how our government is getting too big. Would anyone think it has anything to; more importantly, our government is too large as it now stands. Every time that a Regulation gets past there simply is not enough people in the know to say anything about it. Worse is the matter that with the incompetent personnel it seems to be so much easier on the people who should be penalized for lack of responsible ethics, or direct lying such as “I never sent anything classified using my email account.”

I for one, am getting so tired of watching mainstream media coverage about over the weekend riots and protesting (violence really) between those against versus those for President Trump. I believe both of these groups – regardless of the amount of money you’re being paid — to know of the unabated talents that your president is exceeding too and towards. President Trump has out excelled old what’s his name, his predecessor, not by talking mind you, but by action.

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