Time to stop the Corruption Democrats

_35I was reading today about the polling data regarding our new President Donald Trump. Believe it or not, the main question put to respondent’s was did the POTUS have a plan to be engaged with the Assad (Syrian) regime? Of which I’ll assume he did not score well on. It is only the media that would garner an assumption from me.

Well, I do feel at this time that no ordinary person in the USA or World should even be privy to that kind of information. And if they did and was going to leak it, this is where I do have confidence in the folks he has to surround himself with.

As for me, in my experience, a well thought out initial attack cannot be planned to be precise enough! Then let’s look at combat support —these are the folks that are more valuable than gold! The worker bee’s behind everything! It is definitely these soldiers that make the other rough stuff much, much easier.

Again, for me, our air-calvary units are the world’s best, as is our pilots! This, of course, isis all dependent upon the state of their aircraft. The travesty these men and women face is abhorrent. Democrats, please listen! We should not have to be looking in the graveyards or depots of dilapidated aircraft to settle on the missing parts. And to think that a former POTUS allowed this to happen is without dedication; moreover, when I heard that pilots on leave we going to high standard museums to acquire much-needed parts, that among other red lines have gotten us into a mess.

Russian fighters and bombers are now flying over and around Japan. You all should know that Russian battleships have moved to within range of US battleships. Also please do not forget that the Russian’s also have skyway privileges over Syria, not even mentioning their airfield on site.

Schumer cryingdownloadBesides being against everything that the USA stands for, Barack Obama, do you see the errors of your ways? Therefore, I would impress upon the Democratic Party to authorize what the USA needs. And please get your mangy heads out of the corruption and dismay; how about supporting our President? Remember, it was your man who spent 9 Trillion dollars on everything except the military.

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