“How on earth did you know?”

“How on earth did you know?”

1467920534070It is overwhelming to me at how some people in our country still covet Barack Obama and the fraudulent administration he was involved with for eight years. One can always hope that there will be at least one person that will say, “How on earth did you know?”

For Obama and the rest of his Democratic partners, the gig is up – unless of course, you happen to be one of those people who still collects Elvis Presley memories on occasion. I will stand at the top of any mountain I can reach (which are few) and scream how foolish those of you in 2008 elected that man to office; moreover, I will continue to let everyone know how extra foolish those who in 2012 re-elected the man.

In my new book, I give a phony tribute to his quote that, “It is hard trying to get a very inactive federal government to act energetic in immigration matters.” Let’s just look at what this slothful person has done considering his big mouth and his puny presence to the world.

For what it is worth, don’t you in your heart of hearts believe that his “drawing a red line in the sand” was going to be challenged? Now, after eight years of pandering and literally giving away money, oh, let’s mention it anyway, Obama’s ostensibly unmoving love he showed to the entire Middle East that was being taken away from the USA?

I have a difficult time figuring out who is the Union and who are the Confederates in Syria? However, what hurts, alarms, and baffles me more than trying to figure out who Assad is fighting and why, is in a very direct question, why hasn’t the world order jumped all over this murderer? England is wavering as is France, but what alarms me more than it all is what the devil is Iran, Iraq, China, Russia, and fellow members of the region simply watching him murder and destroy his own people.

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