Reform: Would start like this…

Reform: Would start like this…

the conservative handbookHey there, in a current book that I am reading presently I happened upon this following paragraph. Now although it may be a problem of sorts to accomplish this now given a number of special interest groups as well as advocacy groups that are vying terribly hard for open borders America.

Please do not misunderstand me, but anyone who looks up the words sovereignty, borders, or national they will soon find that without established laws guarding their borders ⸻ ultimately to allow illegal crossings; moreover, illegal private property purchasing and working or not ⸻still there is a giant number of these individuals who will claim benefits essentially entitlements.

Furthermore, no one is going to argue with you when you say America is the most generous, civil minded, and supportive nation on the planet. America has uninvited and illegal aliens within its borders as well as refugees and asylum-seekers. When one looks into the donations, capitalism, hospitality, funds for aid, and how many people we take on annually, America is by far the greatest nation to have graced earth.                            kgucxcnt_bigger

Just for the sake of comments, I ask is this paragraph below too much to ask?

“All immigration should be suspended until our countries financial and employment issues are resolved. Illegal immigrants should be found and deported. That there are millions of illegals should not deter us from the task…one at a time would be fine. Companies or individuals that employ illegals should be prosecuted and fined or jailed. If legal immigration were ever to re-start, all immigrants would be required to prove their ability to contribute to our society, support themselves, speak and read our language and swear allegiance to the USA… no exceptions.

All extended family, men, women, and children, would be subject to the same conditions and the cost of educating minor children would be charged to the parents until such time the children learned to speak and read English. No taxpayer-funded welfare, medical services or other publicly funded assistance would be available to non-citizen immigrants. If they for any reason proved to be incapable of sustaining themselves in the USA they would be required to leave. Visitors would be “chipped” and tracked via GPS to protect our interests and student visas would be abolished.”  The Conservative’s Handbook: Defining the Right Position on Issues from A to Z by Phil Valentine

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